Let's face it: Ironing your clothes during the busy holiday season sometimes just isn't viable (and if it is, it doesn't sound fun). While clothes would iron themselves in a perfect world, there will unfortunately always be a slew of wrinkly clothes coming out of the wash that need to be taken care of. The good news? You don't always have to bust the iron out of your laundry room cabinets. Read on:

Multitask, multitask, multitask
The first alternative to ironing takes advantage of something you're already doing everyday (we hope): showering. When you're about to hop in, crank the water extra hot and make sure the bathroom door is closed. Throw your garment over your shower rod, then proceed as usual. The steam from the shower will take care of the wrinkles all by itself. Pro tip: The longer you shower, the more wrinkle-free your clothing will be.

Straighten it
Another unexpected way to take care of small creases in your clothing is by using your flat iron. Though this method gets incredibly tedious when you're trying to de-wrinkle a large piece of clothing, it works great on small components like collars. It's a particularly brilliant strategy when you're short on time, as it only takes a good 30 seconds for a flat iron to heat up. 

Head to the kitchen
You probably don't think of your cookware when laundry time comes around, but your biggest metal pot (yes, you heard us right) is a good way to rub wrinkles right out of your wardrobe. Boil a fair amount of water in the pot, then poor it out. You can then use the hot pot as an actual iron. With this strategy, it's still a good idea to use an ironing board.

Put it back in the dryer
Sticking wrinkly clothing back in the dryer is a time-old trick, but there's an update that will greatly help you expedite the process: Add something damp. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to get the article of clothing damp, either. A rag that's been dampened or a wet sock added into the mix will help eradicate any stubborn wrinkles in a flash. 

Check the pantry
Next time you go to spray your garment down with a little water, add a splash of white vinegar. When done in the right ratio (one part vinegar to three parts water), the clothing will dry totally smooth. Just make sure you hang it out to dry so that no more wrinkles are formed. 

Bust out the blow dryer
If you're in a rush but your clothing is a little damp, you can aim a hot blow dryer at it to make sure it dries smooth. Once it's mostly dry, lay it down on the counter and smooth the wrinkles with your hand, still aiming the air directly at the problem areas.

Special sprays
Last but not least, there is an assortment of commercial sprays you can use to help get your clothing looking good on the go. This technique requires no hot air and no hang drying. 

While we're certainly not saying that there's anything wrong with the traditional iron (is there anything as satisfying as a fresh, crisp shirt?), there's nothing wrong with taking a few short cuts during the holiday season. After all, shouldn't you be sitting by the fire instead?