Your life is busy, and you need your home to work with you so you can be as productive as possible every day. One way to achieve that is to design the rooms in your home so they multitask for you. Regardless of whether you are remodeling, downsizing or just want to redesign your space, read on for tips and tricks to make this trend work for you and your family.

Functional foyer
If your home is designed so that your front door opens right into your living space, which also serves as your foyer, living room and dining space all in one, you may need some help distinguishing each area. Install an attractive panel system featuring a wall cabinet set with bins that can hold all your things, like outerwear and keys. These organizational sets are easy to clean and are mildew resistant, so you don't have to worry about dirt or rain damaging them. This panel collection can serve to designate this room as your foyer while pulling style all the way to your front door.

You can also try positioning a table with long legs near the front door. This can function as a desk to do homework on, a space for keys and other necessities, and can conceal small stools that fit snugly beneath it and act as extra seating in your living room when necessary.

Guest-friendly spare room
If you like to entertain guests but don't have the square footage for another room, try a wall bed installed in your guest room. Wall beds are beautiful and functional additions that have built-in shelving units to hold beloved decorations or office supplies if your guest room also doubles as your study. Wall beds are also easy to use with built-in safety mechanisms. Install tall cabinets in your guest room that can hold anything from coats and clothes to office supplies when the room is used for work. They will dramatically increase your storage space in your multitasking room but keep everything out of sight and neatly organized.

Shelves help
Extra shelving in any room in your home can help it work double time. Install decor shelves in your dining room so it doubles as a study, and use the table as your workstation. Decor cubes in your kitchen can hold recipe books, utensils or decorative pieces to reduce clutter and free up counter space if your kitchen doubles as a work space. 


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