Keeping your garage looking nice while still being able to use it for as much craft room storage as you need can be daunting. Thankfully, a few tips can help you transform parts of your garage from boring to fun while still being able to fit your car in there. Make your garage a craft room for all sorts of hobbies easily with the tips listed below.

Use your bookshelves
Wall mount shelves like bookshelves are a great way to keep a lot of materials together without using up any floor space. Vertical storage is your friend when placing elements inside of a home. Using high-up space allows you to dramatically increase the range of materials available to you at any given time without the worry of bumping into your craft supplies in the middle of the night. 

Be imaginative
One way to make sure that your craft room is uniquely yours is to repurpose furniture from other parts of your home. Organization bins, neatly stacked, give the appearance of order and make it easier for you to get comfortable in your new craft room. Similarly, taking a coat of paint and applying it to other previously owned tables or cabinets can lend a splash of color to what can otherwise be a drab environment. Red splotches, for example, can bring your attention to a craft table easily, according to House to Home.

Reclaim your walls
A little bit of chalkboard paint can allow you to stay organized without having to use piles upon piles of post-its. Matte gray doesn't look out of place in a garage, but looks much better than an otherwise drab color configuration would be.

Keep things in cubbies
It is crucial that you find ways to keep the storage extremely usable within your garage. While you will mostly be using it to store crafts, there are some household items that are just better off in a garage than in any other part of your home. For that reason, putting up cubbies may be a great compromise solution. Garage cubby holders allow you to store just about anything in them, whether they are hobby or emergency items. Plus, a variety of different types of containers can fit easily within your cubbies for materials that you would rather cover up than display.

Using a few of these tips can let you make your garage's storage space into something you can be proud of.