Your kids might have to share a room, but that doesn't mean they don't want their own space. So it's up to you to create a room that can do double and triple duty as a homework center, lounge space, dressing room and bedroom. But how do you take inspiration from your children's personalities and create an area in which they both want to spend time? Check out the ideas below for some guidance:

Separate spaces
Every kid needs their alone time. To separate the siblings, install a set of sliding door panels that can be adjusted depending on your children's needs (and moods).

Maximize closet space
Chances are your kids' things take up a lot of room. Toys, clothes, sports equipment and school stuff can get tossed in a pile if you don't have the right storage system in place. Try installing decor shelves and cubes for your kids to keep their things within reach but off the floor.

You can also outfit your closet with a wall mount storage system. The genius of adjustable wall storage is that you can move things around to fit the space and your kids' needs. If one child skis, install the shelf higher up to accommodate the equipment. If your other child has an impressive collection of accessories, keep the shelves lower and outfit them with small decorative bins to organize everything.

Designate areas with decor
You can use storage options to designate each child's personal space. Install a tall cabinet between their beds or desks to hold books, toys and other curiosities. The cabinet can act as a divider too. Let your kids design each half of the room their own way to express their personalities. The cabinet can be a shared space that needs to stay neat and tidy.

Bunk beds
Bunk beds save space, give your kids a private area to escape to, and create more room on the floor for reading, playing, tumbling or just being kids. If you decide to go the bunk-bed route, allow your kids to choose their bedding, or a bold wall color to make the room really pop.

Pieces that grow with your kids
Choose items that can grow with your children, like white furniture you can paint, or adjustable pieces that can move around as your kids get older. Wall cabinets can be added with adjustable shelves that you can customize, depending on your needs. Install a low cabinet when your kids are small so they can access their books or toys. As they age, move the cabinet up to accommodate a desk beneath it.


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