There has never been a better time to organize your home or business than now with Flow Wall’s Black Friday sale. Take advantage of our top Black Friday deals on all Flow Wall garage storage system products.

Best Black Friday Sales

Save money sitewide from 6 PM MST 11/22/17 to 6 PM 11/26/17 with the promo code BlackF17. The more you spend, the bigger the savings.

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Our Products

Our storage systems aren’t limited to garages. You can use our products in your laundry room, tool shed, playroom, or office. Flow Wall products function in any room that could use decluttering and organization. Choose between one of our pre-configured Flow Wall kits or design your own to fit your storage space.

Slatwall Panel Organizers

The slatwall panel organizer is the base of any Flow Wall storage system. They allow for complete customization. Shelves, cabinets, hooks, containers, and magnets all attach easily to the slatwall panel, which allows you to store almost any kind of tool. Color options include black, white, and silver.

Storage Cabinets

If you prefer not to display all of your clutter, or if you have items you want to keep out of sight, storage cabinets provide a polished solution. We offer cabinets of several sizes as well as drawer sets. Our slatwall panels allow you to reposition and customize the placement of cabinets.

Shelving Systems

Floating shelves provide a lot of storage without taking up a lot of visual space. When well organized, they can help provide storage for a smaller room without overcrowding it. At Flow Wall, we offer several different styles to meet your storage needs.

Deluxe Organization Systems

Our deluxe organization systems can provide the structure you need to conquer even the messiest, cluttered spaces. We offer several different products and configurations to meet the varying needs of our customers. Browse through our selection to find the perfect fit for your storage needs.

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