Are you tired of having to strategically park your car around bicycles, strollers, and boxes of tools that have piled up in your garage this winter? Take advantage of the warm weather to do some spring cleaning and install a Flow Wall to begin your journey to ultimate garage storage and organization. Check out all of these great features and benefits to putting a Flow Wall system in your garage.

What Can Be Stored on a Flow Wall?

  • Sports equipment like racquets, balls, gloves, kayaks, etc.
  • Strollers, scooters, bicycles, helmets, etc.
  • Lawn equipment such as rakes, leaf blowers, hoses, shovels, etc.
  • Tools such as wrenches, drills, hammers, extension cords, fire extinguishers, etc.

Save Space

It is easy for things to begin piling up on flimsy shelves and your garage floor when you just don’t have enough space. Flow Walls create versatile storage and organization options within your garage without interfering with space to park your vehicles. Flow Wall utilizes the space on your walls by creating a grooved paneling on which you can hang virtually any item or cabinet.


Bicycles parked on the side of the garage? Hang them on a Flow Wall with a big mouth utility hook. Garden hose piled up in the corner? Hang your coiled hose with a nylon utility strap. Too many tools? Don’t get rid of them, hang them all on various short and long hooks and eliminate your toolbox all together. Various bottles of car fluids rolling around in your trunk? Utilize a Flow Wall cabinet to store all kinds of liquids and materials for car and lawn care.

Great Look

With the ability to hang and store virtually any type of item, your garage will transform into the showroom of a sporting goods store. There will be no piles on the floor and no searching for tools at the bottom of a tool chest. All of your items will be properly organized and displayed for easy finding and use. Cabinets and Flow Wall panels and cabinetry also come in all different colors to create a unique and uniform storage system in your garage.

Easy Installation

Minimal tools are required to complete a Flow Wall installation, and they’re probably already on hand in your garage: drill, stud finder, level, tape measure, and a pencil. Use the stud finder and pencil to mark out where the studs in your garage are, and then measure how high up the panel needs to be installed. Using those stud guidelines, have a friend help you line up the panel, level it out, and drill it in. Subsequent panels click right in and all you have left to do is add a few more screws.


Flow Wall storage solutions come in a range of sizes and prices to ensure that you can organize any space. Check out size and price options at Flow Wall.

Flow Wall has the perfect storage and organization solutions for your garage, but don’t forget other rooms in your house. Flow Wall offers versatile storage and organization solutions for offices, laundry rooms, and mudrooms as well.

See Kristy Day sit down with KSL Studio’s Brooke Walker and discuss the advantages and benefits that come from owning the Flow Wall storage system:


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