Have you ever found yourself daydreaming of your ideal backyard? Do you think your home’s landscape is too far gone for anything to save it? Are you tired of having the drabbest, most dismal yard in the neighborhood? While these types of yards and landscapes are typically loathed and dreaded by homeowners, they are exactly the kinds of disasters that carpenter Jason Cameron loves to fix.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

After noticing a demand for yard renovation experts, Cameron used his lifelong passion for home improvement, landscape design, and creative housing solutions to launch the hit TV series America’s Most Desperate Landscapes (AMDL) in 2007. In this show, Cameron and his crew  select the worst, most desperate yards from hundreds of homeowner video submissions and, in just two days, transform these landscape disasters into remarkable outdoor oasises.

Over the course of eight years, Cameron implemented the best tools, materials, and practices to flip more than 170 landscapes. Furthermore, by working under such tight time constraints on each project, it’s important that the recon team uses only the best high-quality and reliable products. Flow Wall’s unique line of top-tier storage products is one such tool that Cameron uses to help transform disastrous yards into functional spaces.

Flow Wall Featured in AMDL Commercials

Flow Wall is one of Cameron’s most trusted products for landscape makeovers. Not only do Flow Wall products add to the design aspect of makeover projects, but they also give a space purpose by adding storage capabilities. Many of Flow Wall’s products have been showcased on several of AMDL’s recent commercials, where they can be seen adding functionality and style to landscapes that were once overrun with foliage, grass, and disheveled outdoor features.  

How Flow Wall Products Are Used

Many of the homeowners Cameron works with haven’t had the opportunity to reap the benefits of having a usable yard, let alone a space that can be utilized for storage or as a workspace. Despite the fact that Flow Wall products were initially created for optimal garage organization, these products can also be used by homeowners and contractors to meet a variety of different wants and needs. Cameron was able to use Flow Wall designs in his landscape makeovers because of the diverse functionality and stylish features offered with each product.

As the TV series highlights, Flow Wall’s innovative designs can be constructed in a manner that allows things like yard tools, sporting equipment, outdoor gear, etc. to be stored in an organized and intuitive manner. By first installing a panel, Cameron then implements products like cabinets, bins, shelves, hooks, and other installation accessories to create a design element that doesn’t just work well with the redefined outdoor space, but also one that’s able to enhance the functionality and usability of the landscape, too. By developing storage solutions that homeowners could easily access and maintain, Cameron has been better able to meet the wants and needs of his clients.

Check It Out

Interested to see Flow Wall’s products in action? Keep an eye out for AMDL commercials and visit Flow Wall today to discover ways you can make the most of your garage, backyard, or storage area.      

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