Do you wish your small garage was bigger, but don’t have the funds for a serious remodel? No problem. There are still some great small garage organization ideas you can use to help make your space feel bigger without breaking the bank.

Here are some quick garage organization solutions to help you maximize the space and provide you with the feeling of a bigger garage.

Keep Floors Clear

The more visible the floor is in a room, the larger you will perceive the room to be. So instead of shelves which sit on the floor and add to clutter, look for shelves which can be mounted directly to the wall, such as these Slatwall Garage shelving systems. Not only will these keep your floor clear and ensure maximum visibility but they are strong and durable to handle whatever is placed on them.

Mirrors & Windows

Mirrors reflect light and can make a wall seem longer and feel brighter. This can be especially beneficial if your garage has no windows (as many don’t). If you’re interested in adding windows to your garage door to allow for sunlight to come in, here are 4 important things you should consider. After reading this and making up your mind about having them, you may want to do some research on window companies, if you are for them, so you can find the best for your area, for example, checking out services like Renewal by Andersen Windows as well as similar others, will help you with seeing what is available and what style you would like to go for throughout your garage.

Paint It White

White walls instantly brighten a space and make the garage space feel roomier. In addition, white walls reflect light and creates a more inviting space. Combine this with mirrors or a window (depending on your budget), and you will be shocked at how much more spacious your garage feels.

Get Rid Of Clutter

If you don’t use items regularly, either toss them, box them up, or donate them to someone else who needs them. Alternatively, you could approach a company such as Jubel Moving & Storage and sign up for some storage space with them. They can come and pick up the things you do not want to keep at home but may need later on; catalogued and stored safely, these items can be brought back whenever you need to. To help make your garage space feel bigger, you want to keep your floor as clear as possible.

Another smart storage option is a wall panel system. This is similar to the peg board idea, but much more functional-and looks a lot better too. A wall panel system is especially useful for getting larger items, such as wheelbarrows, rakes, ladders, and bicycles, off the floor while still having them easily accessible when you need them.

Move Upwards

Choose tall shelving or racking to make the most of that space near the ceiling which no one ever sees. If you don’t have any utility shelves or don’t like the look of them, you might consider mountable cabinets or bins. Not only do these items keep tools and other odds and ends out of sight, but since they mount to the wall, this will help keep your floor clear of clutter and other debris as well.

Show Off Your Legs

If you have large functional items which need to remain permanent, such as a workbench, opt for one which is open underneath. Remember the “more floor” rule: if the legs and shelving underneath are open, the floor it’s standing on will be more visible, too.

Build A “Bump-Out” Addition

If you’re a handyman or want to pay a contractor, you could knock out a wall in your garage and build a small addition. This option is a bit pricier and more time-consuming than the above options, but it adds actual square footage instead of just the illusion of extra space.

Use Your Ceiling

Another great option for people handy, but don’t want to invest the time or money into a “bump out” addition is to utilize your ceiling for storage. A simple combination of plastic storage containers and homemade support carriages (plywood and 2x4s) can give you the additional storage space you need to organize your garage.

As you design your ideal garage space, the important thing to remember is to start with a plan. Once you have the end result in mind, you can easily create a garage space which feels bigger but is organized and fits your needs and lifestyle.

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