When you first moved into your home with a garage, you probably had big ideas for using the space. Maybe you wanted a workbench or envisioned racks for your fishing poles. Bikes lined up tidily along the walls and organized shelves stacked with tubs of holiday decor would neatly line the walls. Your car was probably in the picture, too. But as time goes on, most people find the garage becomes a dumping place for the clutter they don’t want in the house, or simply a jumble of seasonal decor and recreational equipment.

Turn your garage back into the space you imagined, keeping your car safely stored and your space functional and organized. Here’s how to get started:

1. De-clutter

Set time aside to thoroughly go through and empty your garage. Designate piles for donating, throwing out, and keeping. Be realistic about these piles, and try not to get attached to possessions that are of no value to you. If possible, recruit your family or friends to help you get this part done faster, because the fun steps come when the space is finally cleared.

2. Categorize Every Item

With the remaining items from your de-cluttering project, group everything into categories for easier storage and organization. Keep in mind that some items you thought should be stored in the garage should probably be kept elsewhere. This includes:

  • Paint cans, which can be affected by the hot and cold temperatures.
  • Refrigerators, which can drive up your energy bill because of the lack of A/C in your garage.
  • Propane tanks, because they are a hazard near vehicles and engines that could spark.
  • Pet food, which can attract unwanted pests.

3. Measure and Plan

Use this guide for a checklist of everything you’ll need for your garage organization. From hooks and racks to shelves and panels, you can use this guide to arrange everything before you purchase and install an organization system. Visualize your space and take note of the location of doors, windows, outlets, and light switches so you can plan around them.

4. Choose an Organizational System

Most people utilize shelving and cabinets, and many will use various hooks and racks for hanging objects or objects they don’t want to fall off a shelf. Many people also find value in a workbench on which they can complete projects they wouldn’t want to do on the kitchen table. Think about the objects you need to store and what you want to use your garage for (besides storing your car) and the most effective way to store those items and perform those tasks.

A unified wall storage system that is functional and aesthetically-pleasing will make you want to spend all of your free time in your garage. It usually consists of a back panel on which you can install shelves to store bins, hooks, and racks for tools, cleaning supplies, bikes, etc., and even a workbench and cabinets, if that’s important to you. Because it’s customized you can design it however you want and add or change it as time goes on.

Garage Organization