If you’re like many Americans, your garage might not be your proudest part of your home. In fact, one-third of all homeowners surveyed in a 2015 Homeowner’s survey confessed that they keep the garage door shut all of the time so others won’t see the mess.

It’s time to transform that messy garage into a creative space so you can actually put that square footage to use.

Here are 5 unique and creative ways you can use your garage (other than to park a car):

1.     Dance/Yoga Studio

Many a garage has been transformed into a gym with exercise equipment, but what about those who skip the heavy weights and want a more tranquil environment? Your garage is the perfect place to install wall mirrors and even a barre to practice ballet, or become a yoga or Pilate’s studio.

2.     Indoor Patio

If you’re a lover of the outdoors but feel cooped up all winter, consider converting your garage into an indoor patio. Just move your patio furniture into your garage and throw down a turf rug or some artificial grass. Keep the grill outside and opt for an indoor space heater to give you that warm summer effect.

3.     Man/Woman Cave

Everyone needs their own space to unwind. Your garage could be that perfect space. Clear the walls to add your favorite décor, set up a nice sound system to blast your favorite songs and audio from your favorite movies, setup your instruments, painting supplies, or whatever it is that puts you in your element. Make sure you keep your garage locked up tight to protect your equipment when you’re not there, though.

4.     Playroom

Having toys scattered all over the living room and, well, the entire house, gets old. Consider turning your garage into the ultimate, anything-goes playroom. Get some padded mats, lockup the dangerous power tools and gas cans, and let the kids bring their toys and energy into their new garage-turned-playroom. Leave part of the concrete exposed so they can even ride their bikes or scooters around. You’ll be so glad you did this when they fall asleep early every night.

5.     DIY Workspace

Crafting is an art, but those projects sometimes have a tendency to take over whatever room they enter. So why not turn your garage into a complete DIY workspace! Store all of your crafting tools and supplies in their own cabinets, set up tables and benches, and never worry about staining the carpet or counters again. You’ll have a safe, ventilated place to paint and dry your projects, and hopefully you can keep them out of reach of the kids.

It’s time to not only put your garage space to good use, but to do it right. When it’s time to organize your garage and turn it into your dream space, let Flow Wall create the perfect organization system for a beautiful and organized transformed garage.  

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