If pop culture of the past was correct about its predictions for 2015, your garage would be storing a hover board right now rather than your child's skateboard. While we might not have gadgets and gizmos that look like the 1980's version of 2015, we do have some pretty incredible technology that allows you to turn your house into a smart home. What's more, those upgrades don't just have to be for the main portion of your abode – the garage can be 21st century-ready as well. Here are a few savvy ways to transform your garage from a standard space for cars to one that's ready to tackle modern needs:

Add storage
By definition, garages hold vehicles. However, more families have realized the potential these spaces have. Rather than house a car and some gardening tools, your garage can become an organized, utilitarian room. From keeping bicycles in order to having a dedicated workspace, garage storage systems allow you to transform the traditional space into one that keeps your life clutter-free. What's more, modern storage items are easy to use and install. You'll only have to mount a wall panel and purchase components that lock onto that panel. For instance, you can arrange wall hooks and cabinets any way you want by securing them on the panel.

Automate garage doors
Garage door openers are not a new concept, but you can pick up a new model that expands the distance through which you an issue a command. For example, some apps allow you to use your smartphone to open the garage door long before you can see it. Imagine getting off work, driving home and seeing the door already open. You can hit the button to move the door from miles away. But more importantly, apps such as these make securing your home simpler. Ever forget to close the door before bed or after going to work? You don't want to leave the garage exposed all day (those skis sure are tempting), but you also may not want to get up to close it. Garage apps allow you to open or close the door no matter where you are.

Configure your lighting
If you spend lots of time in your garage – your tool workbench could be in there – then quality lighting is important. You don't  want to be working on your car, building a birdhouse or sanding your latest project under inadequate lighting. Doing so can cause you to make mistakes or unnecessarily strain your eyes. Update your garage in 2015 to use smart lighting solutions. For instance, some systems let you to put your lights on a timer while others gradually turn on the bulb, allowing your eyes to adjust. You can even change the color of your light! 

For optimum lighting, plan where you'll place each fixture. You want small pools of light directly over your workstation so you can see the details of your project clearly. When you plan your lighting scheme, place the fixtures based on where you need the light rather than having evenly spaced bulbs.

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