A fun new trend in interior design is to add futuristic elements to your favorite room to create a sleek, space-age look. Whether you are looking to inject some whimsy into your dining room, add some inspiration in your craft room or want a modernized living room, here are a few ideas that may inspire you:

Space age storage and decor
Achieve a galactic vibe in any room in your home with colors inspired by space travel. White, black and gray can be mixed and matched in the form of upholstered furniture, decorative accents or painted walls. Panels in crisp white can hold wall cabinets and a work center to modernize your storage options. Keep everything in its place, whether it's craft supplies, hardware or office essentials. Contemporary wall mount storage is sure to add a futuristic feel to any room. You can even adorn your storage cabinets with sleek, silvery brushed nickel hardware to evoke a space-age vibe.

Bubble lamps
Include a collection of various-sized bubble lamps in your dining room, stairwell or kitchen for a funky look. The first bubble lamps were created in the 1960s by spraying soft white polymer over a wire frame, and today there are so many different options in terms of size, shape and color. These cool light fixtures will complement your modern decor, especially if you have installed decor shelves to show off your rocket models, moon rocks or science fiction movie collection. Lamps like these can fill your room with lots of diffused light and will also give your guests the feeling that visitors from outer space have arrived!

Starburst clocks
For a special space-age touch, add a starburst-inspired clock to your room design! There are plenty of styles to choose from that can express your fascination with the wide, wild universe. Starburst clocks with colorful spokes, timepieces inspired by intricate atomic models, and grand, spoked metal lighting fixtures can all symbolize the search through space. You can easily find a clock that fits your decor, whether it's full of color or just made of sleek metal like chrome or steel.  Just use the decor accents that you have showcased in your contemporary decor cubes to guide you! If you have metal models of atoms or stars, opt for a shiny metallic starburst. If you have colorful photos of the Aurora Borealis or the Milky Way, go for a fun and funky clock full of color! 

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