Your home office is where you spend a decent chunk of your time. Whether you telecommute, run your own business or freelance, having the freedom to complete your work from the comfort of your house is pretty nice. However, because you own the space, you may not have thought to keep it tidy. By cleaning up your space and making a few adjustments to how it's set up, you can make your home office an inspiring room or, at least, a motivating one. Here are our tips for revamping your work area:

Take control of the space
When you feel like you have control over your environment, you're more likely to perform well. For this reason, you may consider using furniture you can reconfigure. Whether you want to be able to move storage components or reorganize a cabinet, having even a small degree of options in your workspace will empower you – that extra boost of confidence sure is nice around the 2 p.m. slump! Wall storage systems can give your home office the ultimate makeover in flexibility. You start by installing a wall panel, and then you can add components to it. For instance, by hooking cabinets, workstations and bins into the panel, you'll be able to create a completely custom home office – how's that for control?

Invite light
You probably loved getting out of a corporate office and moving into your space at home because you finally got to see the sun. Florescent-lit rooms seem to sap the life out of you, but you don't have to put up with that anymore. However, many people set up their home office and copy their old spaces. Open your windows and let natural light in! Doing so will help keep your energy up and make you more productive. Consider replacing your window treatment for something more transparent, and get in the habit of opening the shades when you start the work day.

Eliminate clutter
Working in a dirty or cluttered space can be distracting and even stressful for some people. However, an organized desk may have the power to give you a boost. Take a day to go through all your work supplies, organizing them in wall cabinets and bins. For instance, you can stick all your pens and pencils in a wall mount bin so they're easy to grab while working. You should also come up with an organization system for all your papers – you definitely need those documents if you work for yourself. Once you know where everything is, you'll see just how much easier the workday becomes.

Hang out in nature
You probably use a computer for your job, which means you're planted at your desk most of the day. However, that's no excuse to avoid nature. Having plants in the room can help you focus on your tasks better, so consider decorating with some blooms. Furthermore, don't sit in that chair all day – take a walk, visit the park, stop by the coffee shop or generally move around outdoors to break up your work day. The sunshine and fresh air will help clear your head and wake you up before you have to return to the daily grind.

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