Mudrooms act as a transition from the outside world to the inside of your home. This is where you wipe the mud off your boots, so to speak, and leave your outerwear. The mudroom can be located at any entrance, though the ones you use often are most conducive. For instance, if you typically enter your home through your garage, you may consider setting up a mudroom there. Furthermore, a mudroom doesn’t have to be a room at all! It can be a designated area of your garage. If you decide to transform the space in your garage nearest the door that leads inside, you can follow these tips to ensure your mudroom is organized:

Use cabinets to conceal
Wall cabinets are a must when it comes to setting up a mudroom. They create storage space for things such as coats and shoes, and conceal your belongings. Using cabinets in a mudroom space allows you to get items off the floor, opening up room to take off your shoes, remove your coat and walk into the house.

We suggest selecting a Tall Cabinet for your mudroom because it’s long enough for hanging coats of all sizes.

Install interior hooks
Flow Wall’s wall cabinets have an open back so you can attach hooks to the panel upon which the cabinets hang. By installing hooks inside your cabinet, you create a spot to hang your coats that’s totally out of sight. When the doors are closed, all you’ll see is the cabinet.

The X-Hook is your best option for hanging jackets inside your wall cabinets. Each product features two hooks so you can hang several coats on a single one.

Keep shoes out of sight
The Tall Cabinet is also a smart place to store your shoes. Consider placing a shoe rack or bin on the bottom of your cabinet. Before you go inside your house, you can slip off your shoes and store them inside. As with your coats, storing shoes in the cabinet keeps your belonging organized, making your mudroom area clutter-free. Only keep shoes you and your family use most often here. The mudroom is a transitional space that shouldn’t take up much room. So the rest of your shoes can be kept elsewhere.

Lay out a mat
Having your mudroom in the garage saves your flooring inside – you don’t want to track snow, rain, dirt, etc., past your home’s threshold. However, you don’t want to stick dripping shoes in your cabinet either. You can prevent runoff water from ruining your storage by adding mats in a couple strategic places: outside your door and inside the cabinet.

The mat outside the door into your home should be one upon which you can wipe your feet. It might be made of coarse fibers that will catch unwanted debris. The mat in your cabinet should be more of a tray. Slip the plastic tray beneath your shoe bin or rack to catch any water that drips off your shoes. If the weather is particularly wet, be sure to empty the tray when it fills.

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