A home office isn't just a place to get work done from time to time, it's an extension of your personality and style aesthetic. Whether your office is set up in the garage, den, basement or living room corner, the look and feel of the space should be inviting and speak to your style. Eclectic interior design schemes incorporate a variety of style influences and result in truly unique spaces. Keep reading for tips to work eclectic decor into your home office:

When designing any space or room in your home, you must first consider its functionality. A home office is used for work, so it needs an appropriately sized working surface, seating and storage. As for the last point, don't underestimate the value of built-in units. They seamlessly blend into the interior design of the room, unlike many standalone storage systems. Choose the number of wall cabinets and wall mount shelves that you need to house your folders, papers, writing utensils and other work tools. There are a range of finishes you can select from to ensure the cabinets and shelves you choose match your home decor. For example, both white and gray built-ins blend beautifully into walls with similar hues, while maple and espresso finishes are perfect for spaces with wood furnishings.

Eclectic rooms need rich colors to make them unique. You can add a vibrant paint hue on the walls like cobalt green, deep purple or navy blue. As an alternative to solid wall color, you can opt for wallpaper in a geometric print, which adds another layer of design to the room. Your office chair is a great place for you to incorporate color as well. A bold green chair in a suede fabric looks professional, yet is highly stylish.

Your eclectic decor choices really stand out when you incorporate contrasting fixtures. A sleek wall storage system, like one with wall cabinets and decor cubes at the base, juxtaposed against a vintage-style desk creates a contrasting yet balanced decor scheme that is infused with your personality. You can also lay a shag rug under your desk to add a contrasting texture and an extra layer of style.

Statement pieces
You'll want to have a focal point in your home office, so opt for something bold that makes a statement. The item you choose should appeal to your style aesthetic and bring a positive vibe to the room. For example, a large chandelier that you picked up from your travels to a foreign country would work well. Or your can place an oversized framed photograph on a blank wall near your desk. Keep the focus on all of these statement pieces by hiding away unsightly paperwork in your wall mount cabinets or stylish decor bins.

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