Between the beach, the park and the city, summer seems to hold endless options for outdoor activities. With the great weather, it's easy to want to put any sort of indoor leisure on hold until autumn. Nonetheless, there's a lot of fun to be had right in your own garage. Whether you're working alongside your children, your friends or on your own, take some time this summer to plan a project. You may miss a few days outside, but at the end of the season you'll have something tangible to show for your efforts and a strong sense of accomplishment. No plans? No worries. Check out these suggestions:

Back to basics
Remember, any summer project is only as good as the work​ shed that it comes from. The odds are decent that you've been storing things away in your garage all winter and spring in preparation for the summer. Sometimes getting organized can be a project of its own, but it's well worth it. Take some time before you start any summer project to make sure your garage or workshop is ready to be put through its paces. Try using Flow Wall's Jumbo Starter Workstation. With a plethora of mounted cabinets and open wall space, this workstation offers you the perfect place to sort out and store your tools, gardening supplies and building materials.

Build a tree bench
Anyone can build a bookshelf, and very few people are going to find your homemade doorstop particularly interesting or useful. If you're going to build something, build something you'll be able to showcase for your guests this summer and into autumn. If you've got a sizeable tree in your backyard, consider building a tree bench to add extra seating for your future gatherings. A tree bench wraps around the lower trunk of a tree, extending outward about 2 feet and providing a scenic and enjoyable experience for all who use it. "This Old House" says that project will take approximately 20 hours; block out a few weekends this summer with a friend or family member and end the season with great new seating.

Mobile bar
Speaking of entertaining, we can all probably agree that presentation matters as much as anything else when serving drinks. Indoors one typically has the entirety of their kitchen at their disposal, but finding a way to maintain a strongly pleasing aesthetic when serving drinks outside can be a challenge. Take a few spare hours this summer and break out your tools to build this mobile bar. You'll be able to wheel it around the yard, deck or patio for summers to come. Best of all, the entire thing folds or comes apart easily for simple storage during the offseason.

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