Garage organization helps you keep your belongings in order, which is why you may already be using Flow Wall products. However, we want to make sure you're not missing one very important tool: the Magnet Hook. This bad boy is a 22-inch metal strip that holds a powerful magnet. The hook locks into our garage wall storage panels, making it a logical addition to the system you already own. What would one use such a magnet tool for, you ask? Here are a number of items our Magnet Hook will hold, a list you can use as inspiration when designing your garage storage plans: 

1. Screwdrivers
You probably use your screwdriver set regularly, whether you're a handyman or just need to tighten a cabinet knob. These tools are ones every homeowner should have, and they ought to be kept in an easy-to-access spot – you never know when you'll need one to open the battery pack on your child's new toy! Flow Wall's Magnet Hook is the perfect storage solution. The strong magnet will keep all of your screwdrivers neatly aligned and ready for use. Simply pull the screwdriver off the wall and your ready to fix whatever it is that needs repair! 

We recommend locking your Magnet Hook on a panel near the door connecting your garage and home – that way, you can quickly pop in the garage to get your screwdriver. 

2. Assorted tools
Maybe you don't you use all of your screwdrivers regularly – most things seem to call for a Philips or a flathead anyway. Instead of keeping your entire set on the Magnet Hook, only store the tools you use most often. The Magnet Hook is best for things you use all the time, as it makes grabbing them easy. For instance, you can keep your hammer, Philips screwdriver, needle-nose pliers and adjustable wrench on the hook. Think of which tools you use all the time, and stick those to your Magnet Hook. You don't have to worry about the bigger items – the hook can securely hold up to 25 pounds!

3. Keys
Do you find yourself frequently misplacing your keys? You won't do that anymore if you add the Magnet Hook to your garage storage system. Lock the hook onto a panel near the door leading into your home, then attach your keys. You can use the Magnet Hook to store the keys for your cars, bike lock or shed, for example. However, we do not recommend keeping your house keys in the garage – those should stay on your person for home security reasons.

4. Small landscaping tools
Hedge trimmers, trowels and hand rakes can all fit on your Magnet Hook. Placing these tools on the hook is an organized way to store your gardening and landscaping tools. All the items will be easy to spot when you have to do some upkeep in your garden. We suggest attaching the Magnet Hook to a panel near the large opening in your garage. You likely walk through there to get to your lawn, so your supplies will be right on the way out. 

5. Paint brushes
Keep a Magnet Hook over your paint workstation to store your brushes. Make sure to attach the brushes's metal piece to the magnet.

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