As every global traveler knows, coming home after a long adventure has its ups and downs. It's great to settle back into the comfort of home, but finding a place to put all of your travel gear and souvenirs can take days. Luckily, Flow Wall has some chic and finished designs for your garage that look much like an extension of your closet. Allow your travels take you away, and let these great organizational products ease you back into life at home. 

Global design
Start your garage redesign by installing a Flow Wall Jumbo Cabinet Drawer Workstation in Espresso. The dark finish on the wood is easy on the eyes and an elegant way to store your travel accessories. Not only does the cabinetry look classy, it has wall mount cabinets in various sizes, large enough to house a full sized set of suit cases, and small enough to store plane tickets. All of the cabinets are customizable, making it easy to shift the design. Choose to set up a small workspace for yourself at one end of the panel where you can go through all of the trip's photos and create great albums. The small drawers that sit on either side of the workstation offer the chance to quickly store any projects that are still in the works. 

If you've picked up souvenirs on past trips that don't suit the design of your house, store them carefully in Flow Wall Soft Storage Bins. These containers are a great way to organize souvenirs by destination visited. Also, because of their mesh front, you can quickly find memorabilia when you are looking. These can be easily added to any Flow Wall panel, making your work station all the more customizable.  

Spice up your walls by adding a large map. Take colored pins to mark where you have been, and where you are hoping to go in the future. If organization is at the top of your priorities, house your souvenirs and trip details in Flow Wall Decor Bins that are color-coded to match your map pins. 

Travel basics
Each trip, you know you need to gather your travel sized liquids and toiletries, but when you return they begin to clutter the edge of the bathroom sink or shelves. Eliminate this issue by housing all of the shampoos and soaps in a Flow Wall Decor Small Bin. These bins are made of durable canvas and are also collapsible, so if you can't see yourself leaving home without one, you can fold it into the back of your bag and have storage on arrival. 

It is also essential to be prepared for all types of weather on your travels. Keep one of the tall cabinets free for rain or winter jacket storage. The cabinets are mold and mildew resistant, so you don't have to worry about pulling out your coat before a trip and finding that it smells. 

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