People are always looking for ways to increase space in their houses while organizing their belongings in a fun and creative way. Few realize, however, that installing shelving around your home can be a solution to both those issues. All you need are a few inspiring ideas and a little bit of planning, and you are ready to begin. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Decide what kind of look you want the room to have
Before installing shelves, you'll need to decide what style and look you want the room to have. This can range from fun and relaxing to sleek and minimalist. If you'd like to create a room that is based on functionality, consider installing wall mount shelves that can hold a variety of items. These shelves would be perfect for a large wide-open pantry next to your kitchen. Storing kitchenware, electric cooking appliances, recipe books and other culinary-related products nearby would allow you to easily access exactly what you need at a moment's notice. You might also want to install metal bracket shelves or full wall cabinets backed by a wall mount for those extra-heavy items like commercial-grade juicers, oversized woks and cast iron pots and pans.

Go with the flow
Depending on the size and layout of your home, installing shelves can either accentuate the flow of your living space or disrupt it entirely. If you want to utilize that empty wall in a narrow hallway, you might not want to place a bulky self-standing bookshelf that you or your guests can bump into whenever they pass through. Instead, you should consider setting up shallow wall mount shelves at eye-level so that you can easily walk through without stubbing your toes or banging up a knee.

Also, analyze the space surrounding the area where you wish to put your shelves. A room that is wide-open and has a long wall might benefit from the staggering of shelves. This pattern creates the illusion of taking up more room without actually wasting any space and is also visually appealing. If you are a music lover, you can set up your vinyl collection here. Or, if you like to travel, display the artifacts you've gathered from around the world, interspersed between the books that you've read and framed photographs of the places you've been. 

Use interior designer tricks to bring out your inner artist
Meticulously arranged shelves on your wall can be just as pleasing to the eye and as inspiring as a beautiful work of art. Start with painting the back of your shelves a few shades darker than the paint that is on the walls of your room. This tricks the mind into thinking that your shelves have more depth than they actually do. You can also make your room really pop if you arrange your shelves with solid-colored items like a fiery red vase or bronze-plated statuettes.

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