Every gardener knows that in winter the garden may look sparse, but there is growth beneath the ground. Not only do plants need the winter to take root, gardeners also use the winter to clean, repair and store their gardening tools. Make sure you are ready for the coming winter by setting up Flow Wall storage in your garage. This way, when the spring blossoms begin to show, your will be prepared to start the growing season all over again.

Basic garden cleanup
Start your cleanup by clearing your beds of any dying annuals. Toss these out or into a compost pile – letting them stay in the ground too long can breed disease. Turn over your beds' soil and cover with hay. At this point you should think about storing your basic gardening tools. Arrange your tools by installing a Flow Wall Hook panel that allows you to keep your tools off of the ground and out of the way. Before hanging your gardening implements, be sure to clean off any dirt or garden debris that may cause them to rust over the winter. It is also a good idea to make any repairs on tools at this time. Set up a Flow Wall 7 Piece Deluxe Cabinet set so you can have a workstation to conveniently store tools when fixed. Hang any tools on which you are currently working on the convenient hooks in the Deluxe Cabinet set. 

Seed saving
As winter approaches, a large gardening project you'll need to undertake is saving seeds. At this time you will likely be collecting any vegetable or late-summer seeds from plants past their prime that you hope to grow again next year. Designate an area in your garage where you can organize your seeds. To make planting all the easier, you can organize your seed collection by variety and time of planting. For example, you can keep your vegetable seeds separate from your ornamentals, while also separating early blooming plants from fall blooming ones. You need to keep your seeds in a dry and secure place. Flow Wall's Deluxe Cabinet set is mold and mildew resistant, so you will not have to worry about your seeds getting disease or rotting during the long winter. Also, Flow Wall's Decor Bins and Cubes make it easy to organize your seed varieties. These fit conveniently on any Flow Wall Shelves, or even inside your Flow Wall Cabinet set. 

Wintering plants
Add a few extra shelves to your Flow Wall Panel and place potted plants on top, if your garage is heated. These plants should be varieties that won't survive outdoors over winter, but they are ones you plan to plant once the ground warms in the spring. Choose the Flow Wall Metal bracket shelves if you are worried about cleaning dirt or water off of any surfaces. These are grated, so if you only place other plants beneath the shelves, any counter surfaces will stay clean. 

At this time you may also be picking vegetables you grew over the summer to preserve. The Flow Wall Jumbo Deluxe Workstation is customizable so you can organize all of your canning goods and supplies together. 

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