When it comes to power tool storage, the main goals are generally accessibility, ease of use and organization, but why omit display? Power tools are a point of pride for many people, but they are often stacked or stored in disarray where no one can see them. While no garage storage system is complete without a comprehensive workstation, there’s a way to both organize and show off your garage gear in addition to using the space to complete projects.

Employing wall storage
Enter flow systems. Finding the appropriate hooks can be tough, and many pegboards that you’ll find in hardware stores don’t offer the support needed to hold up heavier items. Luckily, mounting your power tools onto your wall space will optimize garage storage in a way that will let you do just that.

It all begins by better utilizing your wall space. Starting with a strong, supportive base like the Hook and Panel Starter Set or a Panel Pack will help set you up for success, as both of these options will lay the framework for your power tool display and give you the infrastructure you need to support heavy items. This option will also give you the ability to move your tools around and add to your collection over time.

Expanding your system
From there, you’re able to add short hooks and long hooks to hang your smaller items. Utility hooks and heavy duty hooks are best for larger items like drills. Remember to organize your belongings in a way that best facilitates how you use them. The more often you use a tool, the easier it should be for you to access and lift.

Small hand tools such as pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers can also be displayed on your wall with a long magnet hook, while cabinets or shelves can be added to your wall mount storage system for blades, accessories, hand saws, sanders or any other tools that are too big or bulky to store on hooks. Particularly sharp items are best kept in drawers, and any tools that easily collect dust can be kept in cabinets.

By implementing a wall storage system, you’ll be able to keep your power tools organized, off the ground and looking good.

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