For homes with young kids, or messy pets, it is essential to set up a mudroom to protect the rest of the house from dirt, salt and other materials that can harm your floors and furniture. This space is meant to offer you and your family the freedom to shed the wet or dirty clothes before settling into the comfort of home. Just remember, the mudroom is there to work for you – set it up properly and keeping the house clean will be a breeze. 

The essentials
Every mudroom requires a space for dirty shoes. They will be the first item to be removed, and one of the messiest. To design the most convenient space for shoes, you will want to choose a place on the floor, near the garage door, where you can lay a large plastic tray. This tray will prevent any dirt, water or other substances that may have been collected on the boots from traveling elsewhere. Also next to the door, place a durable bin or stand to house all umbrellas. 

Organized family space
Whether you have a large or a small family, you will want to designate one garage wall for mudroom cabinetry. It is best to choose a system that will allow you to personalize the wall in a way that offers each child, pet and parent their own space. The Flow Wall Tall Cabinet Set offers uniform, tall cabinets for each family member. Each singular cabinet is filled with slots for personally adjusting the shelves, making it easy to make room for everything from coats and backpacks to sports equipment. Set up the shelves to leave a large space in the bottom half of each cabinet for baseball bats or twirling batons. The small shelving space that will be left can be used to store smaller items like craft supplies or winter gloves. The cabinets are also mold and mildew resistant, so you can hang wet coats inside.

For those looking to store only a few hats, gloves and cleaning essentials, the Flow Wall Dual Wall Cabinet and Jumbo Bin Starter is right for you. This platform allows you to have plenty of space on the ground to fit in large equipment such as skis or golf clubs, while also conveniently storing any clothing items above. The panel also offers space for installing a few Flow Wall Short Hooks to hang coats, snow pants, etc.

Organize your cabinetry so that it is accessible for all ages, setting up shelves at different heights for different ages. The lower shelves can hold Flow Wall Decor Bins that are color-coded for each child, and the top shelves can be used as a decorative space to spice up the room with indoor plants. 

Note to-go
It can be helpful to designate a space to hang daily memos. The mudroom is the last room you leave before heading out to work or school, so it is an ideal location for your to-do list. Set up a couple Flow Wall Magnet Hooks to hold any train schedules, school notes for the kids or lists. This convenience will offer you the chance to keep more than the mudroom organized. 

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