When golf season ends, many people simply toss their clubs, shoes, balls and tees in the corner of their garage or basement for hibernation. Once summer returns, they’re ready to get back out on the green, but can’t seem to find anything they’re looking for – that golf bag didn’t walk off by itself, did it? If you’re an avid golfer, you can avoid the whole panic and search process each year by keeping organized. All you need to do is use Flow Wall to create the ideal golf storage center in your garage. Here’s how to do it:

The first step is to collect all of your golf equipment in one place. You need to know how many bags, clubs, shoes, balls, and other golf gear you need to store. If you are using launch monitors like the ones from Uneekor, make sure it is covered and packed properly. Once you have everything inventoried, you can decide what storage units you will need to create an organized space. Additionally, you can use some of the items and set up a home golf kit to continue the golf experience until the next summer arrives. All you need is a putting mat, chipping nets, and a home golf net to get you started. Well, golfers usually don’t have a home net lying around, so they might have to buy one. If you are serious about setting up a golf set up in your home, you might want to get a good net, and reading up on articles about net comparison on https://shopindoorgolf.com/pages/best-golf-nets-2021 and similar websites can help you decide on which one to buy.

Cabinets, shelves and hooks
Keep the following tips to mind when deciding how your will arrange your area. Golf bags, shoes and hats should be stored in cabinetry like Flow Wall’s Tall Cabinets. The shelves inside of the cabinets are adjustable, making it easy for you to organize them in a utilitarian fashion. For example, you could use a small space at the bottom of the cabinet for shoes, a large space above that for your golf bag, and a couple of shelves near the top for hats and extra golf towels.

For a storage system that is more comprehensive, choose to install the Flow Wall 5 Piece Deluxe Cabinet. This not only has the tall cabinets for you to place your golf clubs, but also smaller drawers where you can store other equipment or old score cards and range books. The Flow Wall Soft Storage Bins that are included with this set are ideal for items like golf balls, tees, ball markers and divot repair tools. Also, this cabinet includes Flow Wall X-hooks. These are great for hanging any special memorabilia that you want to display, like autographed hats.

If your golf storage space will also double as a club repair or grip repair area, consider adding a few Flow Wall Jumbo Hard Bins to your panel set. These are ideal for storing any grips or glue products that you don’t want getting on your bags or shoes.

For more customized garage storage solutions, read about Flow Wall and Dave Kindig’s customized garage makeover.

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