There's nothing better than camping. Immersing oneself in the great outdoors can be a healthy, fun way to relax. And, of course, who doesn't like all the fantastic gear that you can accumulate throughout years of outdoor adventures?There's only one problem: storage. Camping equipment can build up quickly for the outdoor enthusiast, and much of it needs to be stored in a specific manner so as not to be damaged. Most people are going to need different pieces of their collection each time they go camping, so it's important to store them in a way that allows for easy categorical sorting. Check out how Flow Wall can help you keep everything in order, and happy trails!

Sleeping bags
Of all the gear that you'll purchase as an outdoorsman, few things share the same level of importance as a sleeping bag. It's what ensures that you stay warm and rested when conditions aren't at their finest. Of course, it's important to remember to store the bag properly when not in use so it retains its insulative properties. Sleeping bags should be hung when not in use, instead of left compressed in a storage sack. Our Nylon Strap Hook locks into any of our panels and provides an effective and easy way to hang your sleeping bag safely on the wall. Just clip the buckle to either of the bag's zipper loops and let gravity do the rest.

Tent components
Having a nice tent is one of the greatest pleasures of camping. There's a certain identity that a tent gains in its owner's mind from having been used time and time again on different trips. This sort of longevity, though, is dependent on proper storage. Make sure that you use some of Flow Wall's X-hooks to hang the rain fly separately from the body of the tent and allow it to dry adequately. Also, place a few of our 8" Long Hooks along any of our panel walls to create the perfect makeshift shelf to store tent poles, stakes and outriggers.

Ski sports and walking poles
Whether you're on the water or on the slopes, skiing of any kind can add a ton of fun to any outdoor excursion. Flow Wall offers packs of two of our Ski Sport Hooks, which fit into any of our panel wall sets and provide a great way to keep your skis off of the ground and out of harms way. These hooks are also designed to allow for storage of ski poles or hiking poles on the outside edge of the hooks, so you can keep all of your equipment in one place.

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