For the perfect way to create an attractive and efficient closet, turn to Flow Wall. The variety of organization bins and wall storage systems will have your closet shipshape in no time.  If your closet is the only eyesore in your otherwise organized home, try some of these tips to create a space that will make you want to play dress up:

A tall cabinet can easily store your dresses, suits, coats and seasonal items so they don't get wrinkled or drag on the floor. Adjust the shelves inside to fit your needs: lower them if you want access to accessories like hats and scarves, or raise them up to keep smaller items out of the way.

Decor bins are ideal for organizing little things like jewelry or cufflinks so you don't have to worry about losing or misplacing anything. Store them on shelves for easy access or behind closed cabinet doors for added security.

Use the right hangers for your clothing. Sturdy wood ones work well for heavier things like suits and coats. Satin padded hangers are best for delicate items because they won't warp or damage the fabric.

Mount a belt rack to keep all your belts from getting tangled in a drawer.

Adjustable shelves are a great way to keep everything like folded sweaters and pants in their place. Move the shelves around to fit your needs. Stack them on top of each other to create space on the side, or install them in a row higher up for seasonal items you might not need every day.

Hang handbags on hooks along a bar in your closet to keep them looking fresh and easy to find.

Add a shoe shelf so you can see all your footwear instead of leaving shoes on the floor or around the house.

Try a cabinet system that is a great way to save space but keep everything within reach. House a hamper behind the closed doors and store your shoes in the lower cabinets to keep things neat and tidy.

Decor cubes allow you to see everything in them, like t-shirts and sweatpants so you don't have to sort through all your clothes.

A built-in ironing board is an excellent addition to any closet and can be folded up and placed out of the way when not in use.

Store out of season pieces in vacuum-sealed bags or in the back of your closet to make room for things you can wear now.

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