We all do it – guests or family are coming for a visit and there's only so much time to clean. The garage and closets become the ultimate hiding place for all kinds of miscellaneous clutter you scurry to tidy up as you count down the minutes on the clock.

Even after all your partygoers or family members leave, the carport takes on a new status as a waste receptacle. However, if you're looking to make better use of this space or just keep up appearances, here are a three tips to get your garage in order and working for you in other ways than just a last-resort storage unit:

From the floors to the walls
Hanging tools, sports equipment or even just knick-knacks from the walls is a simple solution and one that can easily declutter the room. Mounting tool cabinets on the walls or installing panels to hook your items on will free up floor space for cars, trucks or bikes while giving you easy access to tools. Magnet hooks can also vertically hold your socket wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers while keeping them out of the way of big-ticket items like freezers and riding lawn mowers that monopolize floor space. 

Even hanging your bicycles from the wall using a horizontal bike rack can increase storage space, giving you added room for the holiday decorations that pile up everyder year.

Meanwhile, save yourself from time wasted trying to find the right garden tool, baseball mitt or holiday decoration by sorting all your items by type using wall-hanging shelves and bins. You can even use the panels and hooks to hang up your guitars, skis or skateboards, keeping anybody from accidentally tripping over your prized possessions. The hooks can also pull double-duty, allowing you to turn your surfboard or guitars into wall art that will liven up the garage. 

For the pets
If you prefer keeping your pet supplies in the garage, bracket shelving and wire bins are a smart way to keep everything pet related in one organized place. Sit the dog and cat food on the bottom rung with the cat litter; place the treats, bones and toys in wire baskets on the middle shelf and put hair brushes in some translucent bins at the top. This little structured tower will help you keep all your pet supply products in their own corner away from the car and lawn mower. 

Coat racks
You might be caught off guard without your scarf, hat and mittens on the first day of a cold snap. If you're always one to leave the house without your ear muffs on, you should consider installing a coat rack in the garage near your car. It will let you and your family hang up umbrellas or muddy boots and snow-covered coats without tracking the elements into the rest of the house. And, it will be a helpful reminder before you make your way into the elements.

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