There are only 15 weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day, holidays that effectively mark the beginning and the end of summer. While it might seem like a lot at the onset of the season, you're more than halfway through! But never fear – you can still complete a number of home-improvement projects before autumn arrives. Make the most of the clear skies and warm weather you still have left and finish these quick-and-easy projects:

1. Organize your garage
Just because your garage is full of clutter doesn't mean it's doomed to stay that way. Organizing your belongings is an endeavor you can finish in a single weekend! In fact, it's the first project you should do with your remaining time. Cleaning up your garage and organizing your tools will make the rest of your summer projects a breeze! 

Start your garage makeover by selecting wall mount storage systems from Flow Wall. Every Flow Wall product, including hooks, shelves, cabinets and counters, can attach to a wall panel, allowing for customizable storage configurations. You can even design layout options using Flow Wall's rendering services. We'll help you choose a storage solution that fits your garage and your lifestyle. Once all your wall cabinets, hooks and shelves are in place, you can sort through your belongings. Check out our blog for additional storage tips and tricks.

2. Repaint a room
Want to brighten your master bedroom or simply update your den? You can do it in a single weekend by repainting. Early in the weekend, move your furniture out of the room and lay down painter's mats (to protect your carpet, of course). After that, be sure to mix primer into your paint, then you can add a coat of whatever color you choose. Check to see if you'll need more than one coat. If so, you should apply one coat per day so the first coat can dry overnight.

3. Plant a garden
In a single weekend, a plot of your yard can go from lawn space to garden. You must first decide where you'll plant your greenery, how much space you want to devote to gardening and what exactly you'll plant. As summer is coming to a close, be sure to look for cool-weather plants. Once you have a vision, pick out your seeds or seedlings and get to work. Keep all of your gardening tools organized in your garage using your newly revamped wall storage systems – you'll never wonder where your watering can is again.

4. Redo your front entrance
‚ÄčThe first thing people see when they approach your home is the entrance. Make sure you leave a good first impression by taking one weekend this summer to update the area. You can repaint your front door, add a new stone walkway, place potted plants and install outdoor lighting. Each miniature project is super easy but adds value to the overall look. You may want to consider choosing colors and materials that all tie into your home's architecture. For instance, if your house has stone details, use the same material to build your walkway. 

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