Let's play a little game. When you read a word, say out loud the first thing that comes to your head – it's a word-association game. Remodel. Renovate. Home improvement. Your responses could be anything from "difficult" or "no thanks" to "kitchen" or "I'd like to." With all the possible answers you may have had, did you ever consider your garage as a possible point of renovation? Here are four reasons why giving your garage a facelift could be a good thing for your house:

1. Add storage space
Your garage already acts as a spot to house your belongings, as your cars rest there. However, this room can carry a lot more. You could mount garage storage systems on your walls that hold a variety of tools that make packing away your items a cinch. From wall shelves to mounted cabinets, wall-mount storage is a great solution for your clutter woes – I know my hall closet is near to bursting! Remodeling your garage is the perfect opportunity to design your storage exactly the way you want it. After all, you'll already be breaking the space down to rebuilt it into something better. 

2. Repair issues
The concrete in your garage can crack, which makes for an uneven and potentially hazardous floor. Remodeling gives you a chance to smooth that out. That way, whether you're backing out in your car, retrieving your bicycles or grabbing boxes out of your garage storage system, you won't have to watch for cracks to avoid tripping. Other issues you can address during a remodel include:

  • A leaky roof
  • Gaps in the walls
  • Insulation
  • Lighting or electrical issues

3. Go green
If you have an attached garage, you can make the space eco-friendly and improve insulation for your home. Add insulation to the walls and make sure the door leading into the house is airtight. That way, the heat or air conditioning keeping your home comfortable won't leak into the garage. Also, you can update your lighting fixtures to use less energy – that'll make your bills a little easier to handle too!

4. Add value to your house
Upgrades increase the value of a home, so remodeling your garage could provide you with some extra equity (we can all use that). Things like eco-friendly features, new pavement, garage storage, etc., all make your home more appealing to future buyers. When planning your garage renovation, think about what you'd like both for now and if you were a buyer. 

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