Working from home is becoming the norm for many employees, but having a home office that's distracting and uninspiring can make it difficult to get anything done. You may want to consider redesigning this space so that it promotes productivity. Here are a few tips to help you get the job done:

Think about location
The location of your home office can have a big impact on your productivity levels. It's best to put your desk in a space that's far from any distractions like televisions or other people around the house. A guest room or corner of your bedroom can easily be transformed in the the perfect secluded space for you to get work done. 

Be smart about storage
It's hard to concentrate when you have a desk full of clutter. Have storage solutions nearby to hold work essentials so that they're not spread all across your space. Consider placing a bulletin board on the wall to post calendars, memos and post it notes. You can also consider wall mount shelves to hold office supplies like pens, pencils, staplers, extra paper and other items.

Add a second screen
If the majority of your work happens on the computer, it may be beneficial for you to install a second computer screen at your desk. With two screens, it's easier to keep organized, and you can run various applications without crowding your screen.

Swap out your chair
Do you sit in an uncomfortable chair while you work? This could be contributing to your level of productivity each day. It may be time to pick out a new desk chair for your home office. However, you should keep in mind that the most comfortable seat isn't always the best option. Instead, look for a chair that promotes great posture and offers plenty of back support.

Install new lighting
Having just one desk lamp may not provide enough light to help you see and concentrate throughout the day. If there are windows nearby, leave the curtains open so that natural light can illuminate your desk area. Sunlight can actually help boost your energy levels during dreary winter days. If you don't have any windows nearby, feel free to get creative with lighting. Instead of one overhead fixture, consider adding layers of light to provide a warm glow of light throughout the space. Think about installing unconventional options, like a vintage chandelier, to glam up your home office.

Renovation Tips

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