The laundry room. You know, that one room in the house you walk by but pretend it doesn’t exist. Sometimes the very mention of it makes parents around the country shudder in fear at the thought of how much work is associated with its name.

Why do laundry rooms seem to cause so much fear and panic? It’s because they are often so chaotic. Whether it’s because the piles of laundry seem to keep getting higher, or because the laundry detergent seems to always get spilled in places it shouldn’t, no laundry room is without its faults.

There are ways to end the chaos and help make your laundry duties seem a bit less daunting. Here are seven hacks to help keep your laundry room more efficient than it’s ever been.  

A Drying Bar

There are a lot of clothes that simply can’t just be thrown in the dryer, especially if the garment is made out of wool, silk, or rayon. Things like that need to be air dried. For that, you’ll need somewhere to hang them.

Installing a drying bar that extends from one wall to the other in your laundry room will make it so that you can keep all your laundry in one place. It also eliminates the threat of bad weather if you have traditionally used an outdoor line. An added bonus of installing the drying bar in your laundry room is that the heat from your electric dryer will help the clothes on the bar dry faster.

Dirty Laundry Organizer

The piles of dirty clothes that keep building up are what most likely give people the most anxiety about their laundry room. There’s an easy way to get those dirty clothes off the floor and make putting a new load in the washer easy.

A laundry room organizer is an invaluable tool to have for your laundry room. With it, you can separate different colors or materials into individual loads for your washer. Most organizer sections are just big enough that when they are filled, they are just the right size for a single load of laundry.

A Folding Table

I know, most of us don’t have the space in our laundry rooms to set up a whole table, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have one to put your folded laundry on.

Simply take a smooth, rectangular piece of wood, lay it across your washer and dryer, and there you go! A nice folding area for your laundry as it comes out of the dryer. For the sake of appearances, sand the edges of the wood the same color as your laundry room walls. That way it will seem more like it was designed to be part of the room.

Ironing Board Fold Down

An ironing board, much like a table, is another one of those laundry tools that can take up a lot of space. The last thing you need when you’re doing a particularly irritating chore is to feel uncomfortable and cramped in the space that you are doing it in.

A good way for you to have easy access to an ironing board without it taking up too much space is to install the board on your wall so that it folds down. Many stores sell these types of ironing boards in kits that are ready to install. Don’t forget to put it back up after using it. You wouldn’t want to accidentally run into it.

A Lint Bin

Your electric dryer won’t run properly unless you clean out its lint trap regularly. Generally, people will empty the lint trap after every load. If you don’t empty the lint trap, air won’t flow properly through your dryer and it will take longer for your clothes to dry.

The problem is, what should you do with all that lint? The best thing is to keep it in a separate container away from your dryer. Dryer lint can catch fire very easily and the heat from your dryer could provide the tiny spark that the lint needs to start a blaze.

Trinket Containers

Throughout the process of doing laundry, you almost always find random objects, coins, or pieces of paper in pant or shirt pockets. You can’t have all that stuff just laying around. So, what can you do with it?

By simply adding one or two jars onto the shelves or inside the cabinets of your laundry room, you can easily contain all those random objects. If you collect enough spare change, it might even pay for a movie rental on date night or for popcorn at the movie theater.

A Washing Guide

Remembering how different types of fabrics need to be washed and dried can be a pain. Make it easy on yourself and hang up a cheat sheet like the one above over your washing machine.


Your laundry room shouldn’t scare you! With these simple adjustments, you might just find yourself doing the laundry as a way to escape the chaos of life. With a more efficient laundry room, you’ll certainly find yourself having an easier time.

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