If you have a spare room in your home that's only purpose is to collect random objects from around your home, you may want to consider turning it into a walk-in closet. Free up some space in your bedroom and create an area where you can organize your things and make getting ready a treat. Here is some inspiration for you to use as a guide:

His and hers closet
You can partition off your spare room to use it as a grand his-and-hers closet. Consider installing custom wall mount storage cabinets for both sides of the room that fit each of your individual needs. You might need a jumbo cabinet on your side to hang pants or dresses. Your spouse may prefer a complete workstation to organize smaller items like jewelry or cufflinks on a convenient shelf. You can include shelves for pants, with hooks for belts and ties on the side. Drawers in the cabinets can be outfitted with organizers too!

Closet organizational elements
To create a closet with personality, you can try mixing and matching different organizational elements. Opt for shelves for shoes or accessories and bags that can keep everything organized and within reach. Hampers, storage bins and decor bins can keep clutter off the floor and are still attractive enough to display. You can even design your closet to act as a dressing room too, with a nook for an ironing board and baskets for laundry or dry cleaning. Don't forget to include a full-length mirror that will make the space look larger and help you get ready for your day.

Showcase your shoes
Choose a set of shelves to organize all your footwear so you can find everything with ease. If you have a favorite pair, create a wearable piece of art by showcasing them in a decor cube or, if the room is big enough, opt for a center island where you can display your favorite pairs. If you'd rather keep everything out of sight, store shoes and boots in custom base cabinets with doors to hide them from view.

You can get as creative as you want in your very own walk-in closet, because that room is your private dressing area. Go as elegant and traditional as you like with subtle lighting and delicate decor, or as glamorous or modern as you can with a crystal chandelier and plush accent rug.

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