Carpentry is becoming a more common hobby for folks with a DIY aesthetic across the country. Whether you want to work with wood to build your own furniture, to make props for use in community ‚Äčtheater productions, or just to express a deep and abiding appreciation for Ron Swanson of "Parks & Recreation," we have you covered. Designing and using your own personal woodshop is a unique joy for many carpenters because they can simply build the entire shop themselves. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't also make use of  garage shelves and cabinets that can give you space to store your own tools. 

Building a miter saw station
Nothing says, "I fully understand how to perform safety procedures, maintenance and proper care for a miter saw" like building your own miter saw craft table  and lumber storage unit. Elaborate workshop benches can make it easy to perform tasks that require careful use of equipment and immediate access to large quantities of lumber. If you were to build the saw linked here and put it next to a few garage cabinets, you would have the perfect home woodshop setup. 

Workbenches for corners
Sometimes you don't need a fully decked-out all-in-one combination cutting station in order to enjoy your home carpentry setup. With proper garage equipment, it can be easy to effectively utilize the space in a home to easily accommodate a wide range of storage and work purposes.  If you are interested in carpentry, but don't want to make it a defining feature of your garage (or you still want to fit a car in there from time to time), you could build a smaller workbench that nonetheless has the essentials for home shop projects. Utilizing high garage shelves with a stepstool can allow you to get far more storage out of what would otherwise be a relatively cramped space.

Don't be afraid to personalize your garage! Of all of the spaces in the house, the garage is clearly begging to be transformed into a hobbyist's room. With proper insulation and accessories, it can be a major recreational area. Using what, for many Americans, is the largest room in the house simply to store a car is such a waste when there are so many possible ways to use it. Grow a space for your hobby in a purposefully designed garage. 

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