You have shelves, cabinets and the rest of your garage storage taken care of, but do you want to add some personality to your garage? Repurposing old tools and other items can be an inexpensive and nifty way to inject some attitude into your storage space while using scraps that you would previously throw away.

Here's a list of DIY projects that'll add some charm to your garage:

Homemade tape dispenser
Finding out where the roll of tape starts and keeping it organized without it sticking everywhere are two of the great trials in life. Making a jumbo dispenser for your duct, masking and painter's tape can cut down on the headaches. Just use leftover lumber that's 3/4 inch in size and create a filler block for every tape roll you'd like to use. Make the filler blocks 2-3/16 inch. Use a peg or a dowel as an axle, fit the tape rolls on the filler block and lay the blocks into the dividers. Finally, screw a blade onto the edge of one side to to easily cut the tape. 

Garbage bag roller
Store your trash bags on the wall instead of in your cabinets. Just use a normal paper towel holder and secure it to your garage wall!

Peanut butter jars
Have Skippy, Jif or any other plastic peanut butter jars lying around the house? Clean them out and use them as storage jars for your nails, screws or rubber bands. You can mount the jar's screw-off lids to the bottom of a shelf with screws. The jars will be out of your way and look great hanging from the shelf.

Recycling bins
Want to move your recycling bins from the floor to the wall to get them out of your way? If you have panel slats on your garage wall, just install a few heavy duty metal, triangle-shaped hangers or hooks for the bins' handles to rest on.

Ball storage
Do you have a lot of basketballs, soccer balls and footballs lying around your house? If so, you can easily make a storage space for them in the garage with some scrap wood and a few bungee cords with hooks on the end.

Take two smaller pieces of wood and nail them onto the longer piece to form a "C" shape. Then do the same for another. These will be the two ends of the ball storage rack. After you have the two C-shaped wooden pieces made, install them in the nook with about 3 feet of space between them. Then hook either end of the bungee cords to the wood ends to create a flexible net that'll keep all of your balls in order and keep you from tripping over them.

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