The concept of creating a home office isn't new, and most of us have a desk set up somewhere in our houses. The problem is that these spaces are often located amidst the chaos of the rest of our home and haphazardly strewn with papers, boxes and coffee mugs. When they're set up like this, workspaces stress us out more than they help productivity. To keep from working from the couch in an attempt to avoid a messy and uninspiring office, check out a few of the tips we've rounded up to create a fantastic and fun workspace:

Start with a quiet space

One of the most important things about your home office is its location; after all, your desk is a place you'll need to focus at. If there isn't a den or office already built into the layout of your home (or if it's not conducive to creativity and productivity), consider setting yours up in your laundry room. It's usually located in a quieter corner of the house – and no one wants to go in it for fear they'll be roped into folding pants. The last thing you want to do is a pick a corner that's too small – feeling cramped can quickly lead to feeling frustrated.

Make room for storage

After you've selected the ideal spot in your house to set up shop, you'll need to create some storage options. Utility cabinets make a great option, because they can go directly under and around your desk to make better use of the space you've got on hand. Think about it this way: The more cabinet and counter space you have to get down to business, the less cramped and stressed you'll be. It all goes a long way toward being productive. 

If your desk is up against a wall, you can use the space directly in front of you for storage and decor, as well. Try to keep the surface area of your desk itself as clear as possible; anything within arm's reach should be something that you use every day. Use vertical magazine files to stash important documents, and consider keeping a pen holder next to your computer monitor. Beyond that, everything should go in cabinets.

Make it fun

Now that you've got the optimal location and plenty of wall cabinets to stay organized and stress-free, it's time to make the place fun and inspiring! You can decorate your workspace however you want, but it's important to add some personality and craft an area of your home you enjoy working in.

As we said earlier, the wall right in front of your desk space is a great place to hang artwork, and you can incorporate a fun desk chair and floor rug to tie in the look. Paint the walls, add in a few decorative personal items, try some fun lighting and bring in a few plants. Your home office will be your home oasis before you know it.

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