A mudroom, by definition, is a designated area by the door where the whole family can ditch their shoes, coats, bags and backpacks. It can be nearly any size or shape and feature a whole bunch of useful areas. While your personal design will be specific to you and your family's individual needs, we've got a few ideas up our sleeves that may help. Check them out:

Counter space
Most people only think of hooks and benches when they think of mudroom, but hear us out on this one. When you come in the door, you don't often do so empty handed. It might be the mail or a large haul of groceries or collection of shopping bags, and it needs a good space to go. By opting for a countertop, you can incorporate a series of wall shelving directly underneath that can store things that you frequently move to and from your house, such as soccer balls or reusable grocery sacks.

If you've got yourself a countertop, you've got the perfect family charging station. Just a couple outlets will do, as you probably won't be juicing up more than a couple gadgets at a time. This makes it quick and easy to grab your phone as you're leaving the house. 

Cubbies are an especially useful mudroom asset if you've got a few kids. Each cubby can be arranged so that it has a coat and backpack hook, a spot for shoes, and compartments on top for any lunch boxes, folders or other odds and ends.

A bench
Ok, we didn't mean to totally dis the mudroom bench. It can be pretty useful when you're taking off boots or unlacing sneakers, and truth be told, sometimes you just want to sit. 

A sink
If you've got the space (and plumbing), try incorporating a sink for easy clean up on muddy or rainy days. There's no reason you should have to drag mud-crusted shoes all the way to the kitchen sink when you could simply drop them near the door.

Pet zone
To get even more out of your mud room, add a place for your pets to eat and drink. If they spill either, who cares? That's what mudrooms are for. 

Drip mats
Door mats are a given when it comes to mudrooms, but have you tried out drip mats? They catch melting or dripping water as it runs off shoes instead of letting it pool all over the floor. They'll save you some pretty serious mopping time, so we figured they deserve a spot on the list. 

Functionality is the hallmark of a good mudroom, but that certainly doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. Tile is both waterproof and decorative, while cabinets and countertops can be durable and attractive. They key is adding in a few fun and personal touches that you won't mind getting messy. 

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