There's one eyesore that no amount of garage wall storage can fix: unsightly trash cans and recycling bins. Whether you keep yours inside the garage or out in the driveway, they need a home somewhere, and their bulky nature means they're difficult to hide. If you're tired of your trash throwing off your garage design, look no further – we have a few solutions for you. 

A fenced enclosure 

Fenced enclosures can be made of a variety of materials, from fence lattices to wooden beams. They look just like they sound: Walls surrounding an area (usually with a door) meant just for tucking away your trash. You can put this on the side of your house, attached to your garage, or in a zone of its own. 

Privacy screens

Don't want to invest in an entire enclosure? Don't sweat it. You can simply attach a screen to the side of your house and hide your trash behind it. One of the best things about privacy screens? You can make them out of any material you want. 

Storage sheds

One readily available and easy-to-install option is the storage shed. They can be stained in any color you'd like, and they're great for storing larger (or numerous) trash cans. As a bonus, the sealed-in aspect of a storage shed means that little to no odor escapes them – ideal for smellier trash cans. 

Tabletop gardens 

Why stop at just hiding your trash? One creative solution some homeowners have tried is the tabletop garden. Shed-like structures are covered with a tiny garden of sorts, adding extra plant appeal to the side of the house – in a place usually void of greenery altogether. These require a bit of upkeep, but the possibilities are endless and visually appealing. No one will even guess you've got garbage in there. 

A command center 

Command centers are the most comprehensive trash solutions around. They go beyond creating a more aesthetically pleasing trash environment – they add a whole new level of functionality. There's a place to store trash cans, but there are also pullouts for recycling bins, an area for composting and a few drawers for miscellaneous trash tools, like oversized bags. They seal in odor, just like storage sheds, but they're more useful than storage sheds. 

The only thing these options won't hide? Your trash while it's waiting to be picked up on the curb. 

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