Next time you pull into your garage, take a look around. You've probably got a quite a few valuable possessions: a car or two, maybe a few bicycles, a lawn mower, dusty old TVs and brand-new power tools. Regardless of what you might have tucked away in your garage cabinets, it's not a bad idea to think about what you're doing to keep those valuables protected. Garages are gold mines for burglars, as they're usually filled with goodies and are relatively easy to break into.

While the thought of theft is always unappealing, regardless of the room it happens in, it doesn't hold a candle to the safety of your family; and that, unfortunately, can also be compromised when an intruder enters. You see, the door that connects your house to the adjunct garage is too often left unlocked or too flimsy to hold up to someone who's made it past your garage door. Never fear – securing the room is relatively easy and inexpensive. You've already invested in a quality garage organization system, and now it's time to keep it safe! Here's what you can do:

Keep it closed

The most effective security measure you can take to keep your garage (and your family) safe is totally free. No matter the time of day or how many people are home, it's crucial to keep your garage door closed. The majority of garage break-ins are hit-and-runs, meaning that they won't always wait to make sure that everyone is asleep to strike. In these instances, burglars are relying on speed and won't take the time to attempt a forcible entry. 

Watch the windows

Next up: your garage windows. These leave you susceptible for two reasons: They let an intruder know what you've got stashed on your wall hooks, and it lets them know whether anyone is home. Cover them up with blinds or frost to mitigate any peeping eyes without having to replace the entire door.

Beef up the interior door

Worst-case scenario: Someone does happen to make it all the way into your garage. You may not be able to protect your possessions at that point in time, but you'll be able to protect your family by making sure the door that connects your garage to your home is both sturdy and locked. It's important for the door to be rock solid so it can't be kicked in, and you'll want to lock it using a dead bolt instead of a simple key or chain lock.

Don't leave the remote in your car

If anyone in your family parks his or her car outside the garage, it's important that they bring the automatic garage door opener inside with them. Cars are frequently left unlocked in driveways, and many more are broken into. If you have the garage door opener hanging off your visor, you've given an intruder a simple and accessible way to break into your home. 

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