If you're energy conscious when it comes to your home, why wouldn't you be the same way about your garage? Many homeowners overlook this area to save on their energy bills, but they shouldn't. In fact, an energy-efficient garage can not only decrease your monthly bills, it can reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few ideas on how to go green in your garage:

Insulate surrounding walls
If your garage walls aren't insulated, they should be. You normally don't think of this space as needing to be insulated, but by doing so, you can decrease your heating and cooling bills. Plus, having the proper installation in your garage can keep out pesky bugs and even prevent moisture damage from occurring.

Use energy-efficient lighting
A simple way to go green in your garage is to switch out your current light bulbs for compact fluorescent or LED lights. A regular light bulb uses 60 watts of visible light, while CFL bulbs use 15 and LED bulbs use only 12 watts. You won't notice a difference, but your energy bill will!

Seal gaps
If there are any cracks in the floor, windows or door frames, use caulk to form a sealant. This will prevent any heat from escaping from your garage. Cracks in your concrete floors aren't just bad for insulation, they can cause the floor of your garage to actually shift. When you pull your car into the garage after it has been raining or snowing, that water can get into those cracks, freeze and expand.

Go through your garage
If your garage is too cluttered, you may want to consider re-organizing the space. Keeping your garage clean and tidy can help avoid unnecessary waste. You don't want your garage turning into a drop zone for items that you don't know what else to do with. Instead, come up with a garage storage system that will keep the clutter at bay. Place wall mount shelves throughout your garage and designate each shelf to something different, like gardening tools or sports equipment.

Replace your garage door
Replacing your garage door may not only improve the look of your garage, it could reduce your carbon footprint as well. Install a sturdy and well-insulated garage door that will keep the heat in during winter and out during the warmer months.

Install solar panels
You can keep your garage warm and cozy without spending a whole lot of money by using solar panels. This is a clean way to generate heat without using electricity.

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