When you initially think of garages, you probably picture parking, storage and … not too much else. While both of those options are great ways to utilize the area, more than one garage conversion has inspired us to think a little outside the box. If you're feeling limited by the space available inside your house, you might find a blank canvas right in your garage. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use it:

1. As an in-home music studio
For the musically inclined, a garage can be a wonderful place to set up an area to jam out and record without having to worry about disrupting anyone inside.

2. For ballroom dancing
Dancing through the kitchen with your significant other can be a blast, but the experience is even better when there's no chance you'll run into your oven. 

3. As an outdoor bar
The backyard bar has long been in the spotlight, but setting up shop in your garage can be a more shrewd plan when the colder months arrive. All this takes is some counter space, a few wall shelves, and several bar stools.

4. As a boxing area
Working out at home doesn't necessarily have to mean tons of equipment.

5. As a home brewery
Making beer is messy on the most successful of days, so your garage might be the ideal place to try your hand at the craft.

6. As an art studio
An easel, a few organization bins and some peace and quiet creates an instant painter's paradise.

7. As a photography studio and/or darkroom
Windowless garages make ideal places for photography projects that necessitate controlled lighting.

8. For wine storage
A cool, dark place to store your wine collection is garage organization at its finest.

9. To hold a pool table
Need we say more?

10. As a man cave
Sometimes you just need a dimly lit area and a flat screen TV. 

11.  For an indoor garden
Not only is this an efficient way to grow your plants if you have natural lighting from windows, but it also makes the space beautiful. 

12. As a Zen area for meditation and yoga
Set up speakers on your wall storage system, play some relaxing music and unwind in solitude.

13. To play poker
Monday night poker is so much more easily facilitated by a garage space.

14. For model crafting
Small parts and numerous tools can take up too much room indoors, but the garage is perfect.

15. To play chess
You probably do have room for this in your house, but sometimes having a zone designated for chess can be so much more fun.

16. To play darts
This could easily be combined with a pool table to create an entire game zone. 

The best part about a great garage storage system is the possibilities it creates with leftover room. We don't advocate that you forget about your garage's intended use, but it never hurts to look at a space with fresh eyes.

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