If you've recently bought some garage wall cabinets, you're likely looking at completely changing your house interior. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to give it that fresh new feeling it will need to go with the cabinets. One way you can make your garage feel like a new experience is to a paint the walls and floor. This can completely change the energy of any room and let you focus with a new perspective on the nice new elements of your home. Follow the tips laid out below to make sure that your new paint job looks as professional as possible.

Preparation for walls:
Before you clean your garage walls, you'll want to make sure that all of your vehicles are outside. Removing any electrical outlet covers on the sides of the walls and pulling all furniture to the center is important as well. Tend to any holes in the wall with spackling and a putty knife. Finally, make sure that your electrical outlets and light switches have been taped over. There's specialty painter's tape for this, but you can use duct tape if you don't want to make a second run to the store. 

Painting the walls:
As you would in any room, start from the corner using a roller and a deep paint pan. You will want to paint from the top down, going about an arm's length before getting the lower section. You want to cover the edges of each stroke as you go down with your roller in order to prevent the edges from staying out as distinct – a failure to do this will leave noticeable paint lines on your walls. Be sure to repeat this step with a second coat of paint or the color will look more patchy as it dries.

Preparation for the floor:
The floor will have to be cleaned in your garage before you can paint it. Sweeping and some commercial concrete cleaner will likely be necessary. Then you'll want to rinse the entire area with new, clean water. If you have any leaks or cracks in the floor it may be difficult for you to proceed without using some caulk to seal them. 

Painting the floor:
As with the walls, you'll want to move in a slow, steady rhythm from one side of the garage to the other. You need to lay down two layers here, just as you would on the walls, in order to avoid scratches or dents ruining your coat of paint.

Congratulations! Your new garage is ready to go with fun new cabinets. 

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