If you've been looking at your garage and thinking "Man, this is really cluttered," then it's about time you clean and organize. Of course, your next thought may be that you don't have time for that. Fortunately for you and your garage, that isn't the case – you have plenty of time! In fact, in just a few steps, you can transform your space from an over-crowded pile of boxes to a shimmering and neat room (and you don't need Mary Poppins to do it!). Follow this timeline and you'll achieve garage organization bliss in seven steps:

Before you approach the big clean-and-organize event, take time to plan your garage storage and order organization systems from Flow Wall. The tools you order will come in the mail, so plan your big clean around the estimated delivery date.

Step 1: Declutter
The first step is all about decluttering and getting rid of things you don't need. Before we continue, it's important to note that organization will get worse before it gets better – you'll have to pull out all the belongings that used to live in piles.

Start opening boxes, pulling out your items and cataloging what you have. Get rid of the things you don't need and put the items you want to hang onto into their own area or pile. Do not put anything back in the garage – you have more to do inside before you can reassemble.

Step 2: Clean
Your garage is empty for (probably) the first time since you moved in! Take this unique opportunity to scrub it floor to ceiling. Repair anything that may be damaged, and generally aim for cleanliness that, well, squeaks.

Step 3: Install
With the garage still fairly empty, step three is a good time to install garage wall storage. When you use Flow Wall's storage system, all the pieces are mailed to your house. Using our installation guide, hang the panels in your garage according to your overall organization design scheme (which you should have figured out before the big clean).

Step 4: Plan
While you've already planned where to hang your Flow Wall panels, you may not have decided which areas of the garage will be for which items. Decide this during step four using your wall storage system components. For instance, you might keep your tool set in one wall cabinet and your paints in another. Once you've decided where you want to put everything, start attaching your cabinets, shelves, hooks and bins to the wall panels.

Step 5: Store
At this point, your garage is clean, you have panels installed and you've hung storage components. Now you can organize in earnest. Start putting your belongings away according to your organization plan. Feel free to adjust your scheme if need be – as you store your items, you may find that your original idea isn't convenient.

Step 6: Finish
By now, all your belongings are in their new rightful place. However, you're not done yet! Take step six to make your garage feel like part of your home. You might add an entrance or mud room area near the door to your house. Or, you can set up a workstation for crafts and projects.

Step 7: Maintain
From here on out, you need only put your belongings away when you're done with them, and clean occasionally.

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