Moving can be so exciting, yet so, so difficult. While there's nothing we can do to bypass the task entirely, there are several ways to make the whole process a little bit easier on everyone. Whether you're relocating solo or with the help of professional movers, making moving more fun requires some strategy.

Start with the necessities
Moving into a new home entirely often takes upwards of an entire week. Though the process can be exhausting, it becomes much less aggravating when you start with the rooms you'll be using right off the bat. Number one on the list should be your bedroom. Even if nothing else in the house is initially organized, having a bed and clean sheets ready for slumber will make your house feel like a home immediately. The kitchen is next, followed by the bathroom. If you have children, setting up their rooms early will be extra important when it comes to helping them adjust to the new space. 

Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 
Though most detectors are in good condition when you move into a new home, it's a good idea to change the batteries just in case. It's also helpful to know where they are located throughout your house in case of emergency (or an accidental false alarm).

Get familiar with your new homeowners association
This will be an important step before planning all of your new home renovations and redecorating, as there may be some things you can and can't have on the premises. Your homeowners association should also detail when trash and recycling is picked up and let you know about any neighborhood-wide events or concerns. 

Have all your locks changed
The previous homeowners may have given up their keys, but many people make duplicates and give them to friends and family as backup. For safety reasons, it's a good idea to have your locks changed right away. While you're at it, consider switching up the existing codes for your garage door, security system and driveway gates.

Start your renovations sooner than later
When you picked out your new abode, you probably thought of a million cool things you could do with the house: change the wall color here, build a kitchen nook there, add some garage wall storage over there. The big projects often fall by the wayside when life's new routine kicks into place, though, so this is the time to knock out the plans for your dream house. This is also a great time to work on your laundry room storage and garage organization, since everything you own is still is boxes and hasn't yet cluttered up your home. 

Introduce yourself to the neighbors
Why wait for your neighbors to come to you? Knocking on your neighbors' doors the first day is a great way to kick-start a few new friendships and break any new-kid-on-the-block tension. 

Check for neighborhood social networks
Many neighborhoods set up social groups on Facebook to unify all homeowners, collectively plan events and schedule play dates for the kids. Joining one will greatly expedite your assimilation into the area and help you meet more new folks than you would have otherwise. 

Make it easy on the kids
Moving can be a traumatic time for little ones. Incorporating as much of your normal routine into your first day will help them get accustomed to the new house without too many tears. Have a family dinner, put them to bed at the normal time and plug in plenty of night lights so they don't feel frightened while sleeping in a new room. 

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