Curb appeal, in short, is how beautiful the exterior of your home looks to the people passing by on the street. Although this certainly includes design elements like landscaping and lawn care, there are many other factors that contribute to how attractive your house looks as a whole.

Basic cleanup
Curb appeal starts with a neat, well-kept home and lawn. Every few months, give your house a close inspection, being careful to pay special attention to the minute details. It may never have occurred to you to wash the exterior of a wood home, but doing so will immediately give it a facelift. Repaint any chipping trim, pull rogue weeds poking out through your flower beds and clean out your gutters. Give your landscaping a second look, too: Are there any new varieties of flowers you've always wanted to plant? Any parts of your lawn that look particularly bare or overcrowded? It's true what they say: There's no time like the present to try something new.

Another component of the house that frequently gets overlooked is the roof. Though a few cracked shingles may seem trivial, they are surprisingly visible from the house. Get your ladder off of its bracket every few months to keep your home looking as new as the day bought it – or maybe even newer.

Getting creative
Keeping the exterior of your house clean is half the battle, but there are so many other fun ways you can add to your curb appeal. Check these out:

Build a pergola over your garage door
The interior of your garage probably looks stellar, thanks to your garage storage systems, but what about the outside? A great way to give it instant charm is by building an arbor to frame it. Paint it white, secure it into the grassy area surrounding your driveway, and start growing something! 

Add a few potted plants
Large doorways practically beg for architectural pots. They are easy to maintain and quick to set up, making them a great way to update the entrance to your home.

Cover up exposed foundation
Foundation can be an eyesore when it's visible from your front lawn, but laying stone or wooden panels directly on top of it is a quick fix.

Paint electric boxes and piping
Why these are usually grey, we're not sure – but they don't have to be. Paint them the same color as your home's exterior, and they will all but disappear.

Build a few window boxes
To make windows instantly look bigger, install window boxes directly underneath them. This will also allow you to incorporate fun pops of color with bright flowers!

Spice up your mailbox
Mailboxes often make the first impression of your home. Paint it, cover it in brick, surround it in flowers – it's up to you!

Find a new way to display your house number
You can add it to potted plants, create a sign for your front door or incorporate it into that mailbox design. The bigger, the better, as these are often incredibly difficult for people trying to find your address to see.

Replace or repaint your front door
Front doors are the statement pieces of exterior design. A great way to make yours stand out? Paint it a bold, vibrant color like a deep red or royal blue. 

Landscape your sidewalk planting bed
That strip between the sidewalk and the curb doesn't need to be quite so awkward. Consider it a great opportunity to incorporate a new landscaping element, such as a sun dial or a rock garden.

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