An abundance of snow and freezing ice can wreak havoc on almost everything you keep in your garage, from your car to your snow boots.  In order to avoid incurring any damage from the elements, there are several things you'll need to stock in your garage cabinets: screws, kitty litter, rubbing alcohol, old socks, plastic bags, zip ties and an old credit card. Still with us?

Use kitty litter to get you out of the snow
Pouring a little bit of extra kitty litter under the back of your tires will help you extract your car on especially slick days thanks to the traction it affords. No kitty litter? Your car's floor mats will also work in its place.

Clean the bottom of your car with a lawn sprinkler
Though this will only work on days where the temp is above freezing, it's an easy and quick way to remove excess snow, ice, salt and dirt from the bottom of your car without having to physically get on the ground. 

Prevent an icy windshield with vinegar…
For those who park outdoors throughout the winter months, a quick and inexpensive mixture of vinegar and water will keep your car windows from icing when sprayed onto them. The ideal ratio is three to one, respectively.

…or make your own winter windshield fluid
If it's too late to prevent your windshield from icing up, make your own windshield fluid by combining a quart of rubbing alcohol, a cup of water and a teaspoon of dish detergent. This is a great replacement for the expensive anti-freezing kind you'll find in stores. 

Cover your windshield with an area rug to keep it from freezing 
This will also work with a small square of discarded fabric. Keep either choice rolled up in on one of your garage wall shelves and tuck it under your windshield wipers (bonus: this will keep those from freezing, too) after your park your car in the evening.

Insulate your garage door
This project will save you energy during the winter as well as keep your home warmer. A great time to do this is when you're working on any other garage renovations, such as installing a garage storage system, a garage floor or a brand new door.

Use a broom instead of a shovel for light snow
Though incredibly useful for eliminating deep snow and making snowmen, shovels are relatively useless with light snow. 

Spray a shovel with a silicone-based lubricant to keep snow from sticking to it
A household example of this that you likely already have on hand is non-stick cooking spray. Keep an extra can next to your shovel in your garage to make the process even easier.

Park your car so that it faces towards the east
The sun will defrost your windshield as it rises.

Put a few screws into the bottom of old tennis shoes
This will instantly create shoes with great traction for days your driveway is extra slippery. 

Keep windshield wipers up in the air when you're parked
A great method to keep them from freezing directly to your windshield, you can even further defend them against snow and ice by covering them with old socks.

Keep plastic bags over your side mirrors
One last hack for driveway parking, covering your rearview mirrors with baggies while you're parked will keep them ice-free.

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