Now that the warm weather is in full swing, you may be using your bike as a form of transportation. After all, it offers a great way to get around, keeps you active and is friendly to the environment. But when you get back home, where do you put your bike? It's important to store it in a safe spot where it's not in the way of anything else. Don't just shove it in between cars in the garage or leave it out in the driveway to get stolen. Instead, consider any of these creative options to store your bike:

Wall bike rack
Take advantage of wall space in your garage by using a wall bike rack. This will help keep your bike out of harm's way and give you plenty of room to pull your car or cars into the garage. A wall rack is durable and allows you to easily put away and take your bike down whenever you need it.

Under the stairs
Don't have room in your garage for your bike? Consider moving it indoors. That space under your stairs doesn't have to go unused. Install hooks under your stairs so that you can store your bikes upside down. Having your bicycles inside your home can add a quirky and eclectic design element.

Bike stand
Either in your home or in your garage, lean a bike stand against the wall. This option doesn't require drilling holes in your wall – it just sits there! You can stack multiple bikes on top of one another for the ideal storage option.

Display piece
When you're not using your bike, it can be transformed into a display piece for your home. Hang it up on the wall to for a unique way to dress up your bedroom or place it on a sturdy shelving unit to proudly show it off.  

Bike shelf
Keep your bike upright on a three-in-one shelf. Store your bike on a large durable shelf, and use the small storage pockets below to keep other essentials organized. The shelving unit can sit up against a wall in your garage to keep your bike out of harm's way.

Wall hooks
Turn your bikes into a work of art by installing wall hooks in your garage or on a wall in your home. With hooks, you can hang your bike in any position you would like, whether it's vertical or horizontal. Place the hooks in your entryway to make it easy to grab your bike when you're on your way out the door.


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