Your garage is likely loaded with tools. From rakes to ladders, the space can become filled quickly. However, no matter what and how much stuff you store there, you can still ensure that your garage stays organized. Imagine knowing exactly where your gardening supplies are when you need them! It’s a nice picture. Using Flow Wall’s garage wall storage system, you can keep your tools in their proper places. We offer a variety of cabinets, shelves, counters and hooks to make sure your supplies stay in order. In fact, each one easily locks into our wall panel, allowing you to customize your garage storage system. Check out these tools, commonly stored in a garage, and ideas for how to hang them:

You use it to change light bulbs, clean your gutters, trim your trees and paint the high points on your wall. Your ladder is an important tool in your arsenal, and you probably keep it in your garage. However, if you just lean it against the wall, it’s a little precarious. Ensure the ladder is kept secure in a place that’s easy to access – you don’t want to have to dig for this handy tool!

The hook for the job: The Heavy Duty Dual Bracket Hook is designed to carry a lot of weight – up to 75 pounds, in fact! Made of high tensile steel and a 13-gauge steel back plate, this hook ensures your ladder stays put.

Brooms come in all shapes and sizes. They’re also awkward to store without a hook. You either have to stick them in a nook or lean them against a wall – either way, it’s not secure. Instead of trying one of those methods, you can use an easier (and neater) option from Flow Wall.

The hook for the job: Gravity Hooks are intelligent inventions that use gravitational pull to keep your brooms in place. You simply place the handle of a broom in the hook’s channel. As the handle slides down, the hook’s grip tightens. When you lift your broom upward, the tension releases. The Gravity Hook is great for brooms, mops, shovels, rakes or any other tool with a long handle.

Cables and hose
Extension cords and garden hoses need to be coiled and stored when not in use, otherwise they’ll get tangled. However, laying the coils down on a shelf can cause them to unravel. Hanging them helps maintain the coil and makes them easy to grab.

The hook for the job: The Long Hook from Flow Wall will keep your cables and hose lines expertly stored on your garage wall. Simply slide them off this durable and strong hook when you need them. The Long Hook is one of our most versatile products, so you should see what else you can fit on there (maybe a bike helmet)!

If you’re looking to store all these objects, as well as others, you may want to consider getting a Flow Wall starter kit. It comes with a wall panel and several hooks to keep your garage in order.