Pool toys; camping gear; outdoor equipment; gardening tools—when summer hits it can feel like your garage or storage room is bombarded with a tsunami of clutter and disorganization. While at times it may seem like you’ll never see the back walls of your garage again, with the help of these 5 tips you can prepare your garage or storage room for a summer of fun. No longer will you worry about drowning in floaties, tents, rakes, and whatever other clutter might find its way into your summer agenda.

1. Do A Massive Clean Out

First and foremost, in order to achieve optimal organization and prepare for a summer makeover, it’s important to purge your storage space. Not only does this help you get a clear idea of how much stuff and what kind of stuff you’re working with, but it also affords you the opportunity to get rid of tools, equipment, and other clutter you don’t use anymore. As you purge your space, start making piles: give away, throw away, and keep.

2. Categorize and Clean

Go through your keep pile and categorize its belongings. Consider separating your things by season, activity, or maybe even size. Once you’ve separated all of your “keep” items, go through your belongings and give them a good, thorough clean. The last thing you’ll want to do is put back dirty things in your freshly organized, clean room.

Use a hose to rinse down big, non-rustable equipment and use a wet rag and soap to wipe down other items. You should also clean your garage or storage room by cleaning walls, power washing cement (if possible) and eliminating dust, spider webs, or other factors that contribute to dirt and debris.

3. Design Your Organization System

Once you’ve got a clean, empty space, it’s time to design your Flow Wall system. Start by measuring the height, weight, and length of your area; this blueprint will help you design a system that maximizes space and aids in organization. After selecting which type of garage or storage space you have, you’ll be prompted to pick and choose from a variety of different amenities and components, such as:

  • Cabinets are the perfect solution for keeping clutter or other equipment out of sight, while also benefiting the entire organization system. Choose from an array of colors and sizes to design a arrangement that works for your summer storage needs.
  • Slatwall panels serve as a quality, durable base for accessories like hooks, magnets, containers, and other assets that help you neatly and effectively store things like tools, toys, and other frequently-used belongings.
  • Shelving units are essential for organization and storage needs and can provide you with an ideal solution that keeps your valuable summer tools off the ground and out of the way. Choose between solid high-density pressboard shelves or powder coated steel body shelves, or mix them up to better fit your needs.  

4. Install Your System

Installing your organizational system after creating your design is quick and easy. With just three tools, you can completely makeover your garage or storage space in just a couple hours. The Flow Wall installation guide provides you with step-by-step instructions that make this DIY project a breeze. Whether you’ve designed a system based off of the Starter Kit or opted for the Deluxe package, this installation process is guaranteed to be a breeze.

5. Replace Your Belongings

With your items clean, your storage system installed, and a space ready to be filled, it’s time to return your belongings in their respective places. Hang large, bulky items on hooks, place small tools in drawers, and store things like camping and sporting gear on shelves. Before you know it, you’ll have a redefined space that aids in your summer fun while also preventing you from feeling overrun by gear, equipment, and tools.

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