There are times when we  all feel like we own too much stuff. A cluttered bedroom, messy office or overflowing hall closet can draw our attention to what we have, making us dream of a downsized, simplified life. However, you may have gone through that experience, decided to throw items away and realized that you still use all of your belongings. That means you need more storage space.

Fortunately, garage organization systems make keeping your items in order easier. But before you can purchase wall-mount storage components, you need to know how much space your stuff requires. Here are some tips for calculating how much you own and what size storage kit you need:

Take inventory
You don't need to write down everything you own, but do take stock of the items you plan to store in your garage. This might include bikes, holiday decorations, tools and gardening supplies. If those items are already boxed up, you can write them as "one box of toys," or something like that. The idea is to know how much space your belongings will consume in the garage, so having boxes and larger loose items on your list is helpful.

Test your space
Gather everything you'll store in the garage in a single spot. Pack the items together like you would for a storage space and measure how much area the boxes and belongings use. You can use those numbers to compare what you own to the size of wall cabinets and shelves. For instance, tall cabinets are 72 inches tall and 17 inches deep. You might realize you need more than one cabinet to fit your items, so picking a larger storage kit could be a good plan.

Survey storage components
Some of your belongings are easy to store in boxes, like holiday decorations. However, you probably want your gardening tools, bikes, etc., in a place that's quick to access. As you plan your garage storage, take a look at the components you can use. Wall hooks, for instance, can hold garden hose, bike helmets and power tools, while a bin could be better for car-cleaning supplies. Knowing what tools you'll use to store which items will help you plan your storage purchase and determine how many wall panels you'll require.

Use a planning guide
Taking inventory of your belongings and looking at storage tools certainly helps you plan your garage design, but you might want more insight from the experts. Check out our Planning Guide to get a more in-depth look at how to pick the right-sized storage supplies for your home.