With the reassurance of pumpkin spice lattes and the slight chill filling the air, you know fall is here. Over the coming weeks, trees will take their annual plunge into autumnal coloring and yards will fill with jack-o-lanterns. But before any of those transformative milestones occur, you have a bit of summer left in which to prepare. Is your garage storage set up to optimize fall activities? If not, you can take a look at these tips to make sure your tools will be right at your fingertips:

Swap out your frequently used items
When you initially installed your garage storage system, you probably included an area that was occupied by the objects you used most. However, you may not grab the garden hose, pruning shears or garden fertilizer every day come autumn. Instead, you'll be using items such as rakes, leaf blowers and leaf disposal bags. Brainstorm a list of your fall tools and reorganize your garage so they sit in a convenient location. 

The items you used in summer, but won't need for fall or winter, can be moved to the back of the garage. Consider tucking gardening supplies, pool toys and sprinklers into wall cabinets or onto shelves. There they'll be out of the way and organized for next year. 

Evaluate storage components
Once you know which items you'll be using frequently, you can gather supplies to store them. Every tool should be organized using the proper storage component.

Rakes: We suggest hanging your rakes in an easy-to-grab spot using a Gravity Hook. These clever contraptions feature a stopper that holds the shaft of your rake in place. Slide the handle in the stopper channel. As the handle slides down, the stopper will halt it. However, when you pull up, the stopper releases your rake.

Leaf blower: This heavy tool can be awkward to store, but the right hook will do the trick. The Heavy Duty Dual Bracket Hook is designed to carry up to 75 pounds, which is perfect for your leaf blower. We suggest hanging your tool so the nozzle points down and the hook holds the body – this method is very secure.

Leaf bags: Once you've raked your yard so it's free of leaves and twigs, you have to dispose of the organic matter. Most towns ask you do so by placing it in a large, designated paper bag. Make sure these are easy to access and out of the way this fall by placing them in a bin. The Jumbo Hard Bin is transparent so you'll be able to see what's inside, no problem.

Pull out holiday decor
Halloween and Thanksgiving are fast approaching, so take some time to locate and open your holiday decor. They'll be easy to access if you keep them in a storage container on wall mount shelves. Pick out which items you'll use to get in the autumnal holiday spirit, then put the rest away. The storage containers don't need to be located at the front of your garage – you'll only be pulling them out this time of year.