We said thank you to mom last month, so now it's time to put the spotlight on dads. It can be tough to find a gift that expresses how thankful you are for your father, but these presents are sure to put a smile on his face:

Noise cancelling headphones
Your dad fills many roles, from listener to fixer, so give him the gift of peace and quiet with some noise-cancelling headphones. If he travels frequently for business, the headphones will come in handy for drowning out crying babies or talkative passengers. He can also use them at home when he's reading or trying to get some work done.

Garage storage system
Whether your dad does a lot of work on cars in the garage, or uses the space as his workshop to fix up items around the house, he'll need to stay organized. Give him the gift of a clutter-free garage with wall mount shelves. He can use them to store anything from toolboxes to car maintenance supplies. Your dad will always know where to find what he needs thanks to your gift! If you really want to go the extra mile, you can help him organize the garage!

DIY coasters
Give dad some homemade coasters for his bar. Pick out a few of your favorite pictures with your dad, and crop them to match the size of the tiles that you pick up from your local hardware store. Then print out the pictures and use a foam brush to swipe a layer of Mod Podge onto the tile.

Beer-making kit
Does your dad love to sample different craft beers? If so, a beer-making kit might just be the perfect gift. He can brew his own craft beer with this kit that includes all of the accessories you'll need for the fermenting and bottling process. You can even make personalized bottle labels to go along with the kit. Another option would be to sign him up for the beer of the month club. Each time a new month rolls around, he'll be able to sample different varieties of beer that are delivered right to his doorstep.

Personalized golf marker
Equip dad with everything he'll need on the golf course, including a personalized golf marker. Have his monogram printed into the top of the marker, and he can use it each time he heads to the green to play.


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